Yanmar Starts Collaboration with Nara Institute of Science and Technology

December 26, 2013
Nara Institute of Science and Technology and Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Yanmar has started a special project that aims at efficient identification and analysis of core issues in various industries and fields, in collaboration with Nara Institute of Science and Technology (hereafter NAIST).

This partnership is based on the concept of identifying core issues in a variety of fields of the society, and enhanced methods to tackle them by successful collaboration between various industry players, including business domains that Yanmar is currently not involved in. This is expected to create new value and open roads into new businesses, towards ever higher levels of innovation.

1. New Business Outline:

① Establish a research center on the premises of NAIST

② Employees: NAIST Professors: 7, Researchers: 1, Office Staff: 1
Yanmar: 4 employees, one also stationed at NAIST

③ Center name: Yanmar Innovation Lab. 2112
(Naming outline: With Yanmar celebrating a century of operations in 2012, we are looking to provide enhanced value into the next 100 years).

④ Location: Nara prefecture, Japan

⑤ Established: November 1, 2013

⑥ Service and expenses: 2013-2016, approx. 100 million yen

2. Aim:

  • Innovations in a variety of fields that can substantially contribute to the generations of the future
  • Innovative research based on enhanced synergies between various industry players

3. Operations:

  • On-going consultation on matters related to innovation towards identifying and tackling core issues in a variety of fields of the society
  • On-going collaboration among various industry players for the provision of enhanced solutions to society

4. Future orientation:

Research activities are focused on efficiently combining humanistic technologies promoted by NAIST with Yanmar’s core competence technologies, in a variety of fields, also including domains that Yanmar is currently not involved in.

President Yamaoka and NAIST President, N. Ogasawara at the signing ceremony held at Yanmar Osaka Headquarters on December 26, 2013.

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