Yanmar Releases the New “AG6100R/6114R/7114R” ‘Intelligent Combines’

February 14, 2014
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

As the number of professional farmers and agriculture collectives increases, agricultural machines have become more sophisticated year after year. With this in mind, in 2011 Yanmar released to great acclaim the multi-row combines AG6100/6114/7114 that feature superior performance, precision, and durability.

Now, improving on these previous models’ features, as well as adhering to Japan’s Act on Regulation, Etc. of Emissions From Non-road Special Motor Vehicles Tier 3, the new combines “AG6100R/6114R/7114R” provide information necessary for the operator, such as threshing/harvesting sorting data, and can be instantly checked.

These new ‘intelligent combines’ raise the bar for what is possible in agriculture.

Product Name: Half-feeding combine
Models: 6-row AG6100R AG6114R
7-row AG7114R
Price: ¥12,312,000 - ¥17,431,200 (Suggested Retail Price, Tax Included)
*Price includes the new 8% tax rate.
Scheduled Release: May 2014

【Product Image】

Product Image

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