The Yanmar Museum Opens New Section

March 14, 2014
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

The Yanmar Museum was established in March 2013 in Nagahama, Japan, birthplace of our founder, Magokichi Yamaoka, as part of Yanmar’s undertakings to mark a century of operations.

Focusing on the Yanmar Group’s three business domains of the land, the sea and the city, the Museum showcases Yanmar’s enterprise, working in harmony with nature in the fields of food production and harnessing power. The Museum is based around the concept of imparting a lasting and unique experience to visitors through rich and varied exhibits, workshops and hands-on farming programs.

Since its establishment in March, 2013, it has seen visitors from all around Japan and the world and recently, the Museum welcomed its 100,000th guest. To mark its first year of successful operation, the Museum has now opened a new section.

The newly established “R&D Zone” focuses on Yanmar’s research and development initiatives in the company’s second century of business, and features the stories behind the concept products crafted by renowned industrial designer and Yanmar Holdings Director, Ken Okuyama, which were showcased in our August 2013 launch of the Premium Brand Project.
The zone reveals exciting details of how these concept products came to life, together with a promotional video where Ken Okuyama himself shares his ideas of what it takes to develop distinctive and innovative products, that are also extremely practical. Original sketches of the concept products are also on display, together with numerous episodes that present the development process in collaboration with Yanmar’s engineering team.

In addition, the new zone features an excavator simulator that delivers visitors a fantastic real-life experience. The first of this kind in Japan, the simulator has revolutionized the development process, by allowing testing of product maneuverability, comfort and other core functions, without it being necessary to create scale or clay models.
Available to the general public from March 15, the new section is sure to offer our visitors an unforgettable experience, while also deepening their knowledge of Yanmar’s manufacturing processes and our latest development undertakings.

The newly established “R&D Zone” (Note: artist’s impression)
Excavator simulator

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