Yanmar Supports the Modernization of Tuna Fishing in Vietnam

August 1, 2014
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Yanmar will begin development of a project to aid the modernization of the tuna fishing industry in Vietnam. The nation has seen high levels of economic growth in recent years, and with Yanmar’s many years of experience operating in Japan’s fishing industry as a base, we aim to tackle the issues that the Vietnamese market faces with our unique solutions and expertise.
Exports from Vietnamese fisheries represent a significant share of the world market, and constitute a major industry for the country. Over 90,000 fishing boats operate in Vietnam, but almost all are made of wood, and have lower levels of fuel efficiency and speed, along with a considerable impact on the environment.
Recognizing these problems, Yanmar will begin offering its unique solutions to Vietnam this summer. With sustainable fishing methods such as hand line fishing in mind, Yanmar will propose programs and run tests that will increase tuna fishermen’s profitability, make fishing boats more energy efficient, and maintain the freshness and quality of the fish caught.

1. Project Outline

1. Coordinate with the University of Nha Trang Ship Institute (UNINSHIP) to modernize the fishing boats in the provinces of Khánh Hòa, Phú Yên, and Bình Định located in the South Central Coast region.

2. Finish a prototype fishing boat built at UNINSHIP at the beginning of August, and run trials starting in September.

3. Having been nominated by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for an award involving the propagation of technologies to combat global warming, Yanmar will also use the prototype fishing boat to collect data on carbon dioxide reduction.

2. Tuna Fishing Boat (Prototype) Details

1. Specifications: 18m long, 35 tons, ship mold made by Yanmar

2. Propulsion System: Yanmar Clean Diesel Engine (350hp-class)

3. Hull Material: Fiberglass

【Reference】Tuna fishing boat (prototype) constructed in Vietnam

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