Yanmar Museum Awarded the Prestigious BCS Award for Outstanding Architecture in Japan

August 4, 2014
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Yanmar Museum, opened in Nagahama, Japan in March of last year, has received the Building Contractors Society (→BCS) Award for fiscal year 2014.

The BCS Award (overseen by the Japan Federation of Construction Contractors) was begun in 1960, and this year marks its 55th year. It is considered one of the preeminent awards in Japan’s architecture industry.
Yanmar is honored to be recognized not only for the excellent design and functionality of the Yanmar Museum’s exterior which exhibit our three domains of “city”, “land” and “sea”, but also for the museum’s efforts to exist harmoniously with the surrounding environment and community. A collection of BCS Award works will be printed by the Japanese Federation of Construction Contractors and distributed not only in Japan, but also to foreign embassies located in Japan. The collection will feature the Yanmar Museum as a representative work of architecture in Japan to the world.

Yanmar Museum has welcomed over 140,000 visitors since its grand opening in March 2013. Focusing on the Yanmar Group’s three business domains of the land, the sea and the city, the Yanmar Museum showcases Yanmar’s enterprise, working in harmony with nature in the fields of food production and harnessing power. The Yanmar Museum is based around the concept of imparting a lasting and unique experience to visitors through rich and varied exhibits and workshops.

Yanmar Museum exterior
【Yanmar Museum exterior】
Yanmar Museum rooftop biotope
【Yanmar Museum rooftop biotope】

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