Yanmar Opens Agri Solutions Center to Service the Kyushu Region in Southwest Japan

August 6, 2014
Yanmar Agri Japan Co., Ltd.

Yanmar announces the opening of a new agricultural business center to provide multifaceted support to professional farmers in the Kyushu region of southwestern Japan. A first for the Yanmar Group, the new facility is planned to cover a wide array of services, from machine maintenance to training and consultation on the latest industry trends for employees and farmers at large. Based on the concept of delivering comprehensive solutions and providing customized support to meet the individual needs of farmers in the region, the center aims to become a model for all operations in Kyushu and set new standards of performance in our industry.

1. In order to allow our customers to operate without the need to stop working, agricultural equipment experts will be available at the center to respond to customers’ maintenance requests within 30 minutes and complete repairs within 24 hours.

2. The maintenance area will not only perform services on machines, but also include an emergency call center where Yanmar’s original “Dr. Agri” service cars can be dispatched to make inspections and respond to sudden problems that may arise with machines.

3. Major replacement parts for John Deere machines, imported machine parts, hay bale wrapping for cattle, etc. will be stocked at all times to ensure quick service.

4. The center will serve as a model for YWK activities throughout Kyushu and the rest of Japan.

5. The center also includes a section to oversee machines installed with Yanmar’s remote-controlled information management system “SmartAssist”.

1. The center will provide consultation services to the entire Kyushu region for various agricultural machinery-related issues.

2. An exchange of information involving large-scale agriculture will be available to provide the most appropriate solutions to John Deere tractor users and other large machines involved in soil preparation and cattle raising.

3. Agricultural managers and Yanmar employees will be able to partake in regular training sessions on safety, supplementary agricultural business, soil preparation, agricultural machine maintenance, do-it-yourself maintenance, etc.

4. Customers will be able to receive consultation and suggestions for products such as Yanmar gas heat pump air-conditioning systems for green houses, grain processing facilities, and fruit sorting equipment.

5. The consultation center will also provide support for farmers such as subsidized projects and lease services, as well as Yanmar’s original maintenance service “Anshin Pack”.

The Yanmar Agri Solutions Center will hold its grand opening on August 26.

1. Yanmar Agri Solutions Center (Artistic Rendering)

2. Yanmar Agri Solutions Center Outline

1) Location: Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu
2) Total Area:  approx. 7900 square meters
3) Main Facilities
    1. Office: approx. 700 square meters
    2. Maintenance Area: 1564 square meters  (12 maintenance stalls for large agricultural equipment)
    3. Training Area: 360 square meters
    4. Dispatch Service Cars: 5
4) Employees: 50

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