Yanmar Commences Full-scale Agri Operations in the Philippines

March 17, 2015
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Staying true to Yanmar’s founder Magokichi Yamaoka’s principle of using technology as a means to overcome society’s challenges, Yanmar has grown into a world leader for the production of agricultural machinery, industrial diesel engines, construction equipment and energy systems. With 66 companies worldwide (FY2013, consolidated base), Yanmar is constantly exploring ways to stay at the forefront of technology relating to food production and harnessing power. Yanmar is resolute in redefining the agricultural industry in South East Asia, this time focusing on the Philippines.

The continued economic growth of the Philippines is being reflected in the modernization of its agricultural industry. In line with this ever greater demand for technological innovation, Yanmar is partnering with Ropali Corporation in a joint venture. The newly established Yanmar Philippines Corporation will provide marketing, sales and service of Yanmar products as well as agricultural solutions.

1. Background and aim:

The Phillipines is currently the world’s eighth biggest producer of rice. Further increases in the scale of food production are expected in the future. Continued economic growth and a greater demand for agricultural machinery make the Philippines an important market for Yanmar.

Yanmar has carried out thorough research relating to the Philippines’ agricultural industry and society. Yanmar partnered up with Ropali Corporation for the establishment of a joint venture, which was registered in February of this year. Ropali Corporation is involved in industries in the Philippines ranging from the financial industry to the sale of agricultural machinery.

Yanmar is determined to provide quality service that meets the needs of the local people. Yanmar is also intent on utilizing its long heritage in technical innovation to provide agricultural solutions in the Philippines that go well beyond customer expectations.

2. Joint venture outline:

  1. Company name: Yanmar Philippines Corporation
  2. President: Hideaki Ikezawa
  3. Location: Pasig city, the Phillipines
  4. Business scope: Import, sales and service of various types of agricultural machinery
  5. Established (registration): Feb 4, 2015
  6. Capital: 120 million PHP (approx. 300 million JPY)
  7. Employees: Approx. 50 (midterm plan)
  8. Net Sales: 6.5 billion (midterm plan)

3. Reference data:

Yanmar Group

  1. Company name: Yanmar Co., Ltd.
  2. President: Takehito Yamaoka
  3. Location: YANMAR FLYING-Y BUILDING, 1-32, Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-8311, Japan
  4. Business scope: Manufacturing, sales and service of industrial diesel engines, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, energy systems, marine engines and fiber reinforced plastic vessels
  5. Founded: March 22, 1912
  6. Capital: 6.3 billion JPY
  7. Employees: 3,313 (FY2013, Consolidated: 16,678)
  8. Net Sales: 338.6 billion JPY (FY2013, Consolidated: 650.7 billion JPY)

Ropali Group

  1. Company name: Ropali Group of Companies
  2. President: Roberto P. Alingog
  3. Location: Roplai Plaza Escriva Drive Corner Goldloop, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, the Phillipines
  4. Business scope: Banking, sales and distribution of agricultural machinery and motorcycles, manufacturing of threshers and transporters, and real estate
  5. Founded: May 12, 1975
  6. Net worth: 3.08 billion PHP
  7. Employees: 3,187
  8. Total assets: 17.38 billion PHP
  9. No. of sites: 168 banking offices and branches, 133 motorcycles and agricultural machinery stores
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