History: We have lead the industry with our creative ideas as a pioneer in mini excavator manufacturer.


1912 - 1959

March, 1912

YANMAR established. Establish the Yamaoka motor factory in Nishinomachi (present Chayamachi) Kitano Kitaku, Osaka city, to sell and repair gas generators.


YANMAR Construction Equipment established.

1960 - 1969


Start manufacturing hand dorsers.


Start selling "YNB300", the first wheel type mini excavator in the market with a YANMAR diesel engine.


Start operating Chikugo factory. Start manufacturing excavator loaders.

1970 - 1979


Start manufacturing mini excavators.

July, 1971

Establish an implement division in the land sales department of YANMAR Diesel Co.,Ltd.

October, 1971

Display mini excavators, hand dorsers and generators at the exhibition for manufacturing equipment (Tokyo).


Start manufacturing the world’s first tracked carrier, YFW500D.

December, 1973

Establish a development department.


Start manufacturing wheel loaders at Kanzaki Kokyukoki Mfg.Co.,Ltd.


Change the firm name to Seirei Industry Co,.Ltd. Complete the factory at Chikugo.

March, 1978

Break annual sales of 10 billion yen.

1980 - 1989

June, 1980

Exceed compact construction machines overseas (Ship 150units to Taiwan).


Break annual sales of 20 billion yen.

September 21, 1984

Establish YANMAR Diesel Co.,Ltd. Construction equipment department (Unite Sales, development, and export department).


Open a YANMAR construction equipment national convention.

May, 1985

Establish a sales company "YANMAR Kyushu Construction Equipment Co.,Ltd." and "YANMAR Tohoku Construction Equipment Co.,Ltd."


Show 8models and 11units of compact excavators at "Bauma fair", Germany.


Introduce Cathodic Electrodeposition for the first time in the construction equipment industry in order to increase the quality of painting.

June, 1989

Establish a sales company "YANMAR Nishi Nihon Construction Equipment Co.,Ltd."

October, 1989

Establish a manufacturing, sales base "Amman YANMAR" in France with Amman of Switzerland.

1990 - 1999


Break manufacturing 100000 units of construction equipment. Complete machine factory.


Break annual sales of 35 billion yen.


Obtain ISO9001, an international standard regarding quality assurance.


Ship 20000 units of mini excavators overseas.


Start manufacturing at Amman YANMAR.


Be able to operate without an operator for a long stretch of time by assembling a machining center FMS.


ViO series break 10000 sales units in 3 years.


Obtain ISO14001, an international standard regarding environment control system.


The ViO series receives a silver medal at the biggest construction equipment exhibition in the UK.


Combine sales companies to 7 total sales companies (construction equipment, marine vessel, and air conditioning).


Establish a construction equipment sales department in YANMAR America.

2000 - 2009


Consign the factory logistics to Seirei Total Service Co.,Ltd by establishing a Kyushu sales office.

June, 2001

Establish "YANMAR ViO Co.,Ltd.", an online business firm for used construction equipment.

November 15, 2001

Complete a new factory in AMMAN YANMAR (France) which is 3 times bigger than the former factory.

July, 2002

The construction equipment received a merit award at Pro/AWARD2002.

March, 2003

By YEP (YANMAR Evolution Plan), start transferring the manufacturing models to the Fukuoka factory as a construction equipment specialized factory.

May, 2003

Transfer the manufacture of loaders from Kanzaki Kokyukoki Mfg.Co.,Ltd.

June, 2003

Transfer the Agrica series to Seirei factory.

August, 2003

Transfer crawler tractors (CT280,340) to YANMAR Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing.

March 21, 2004

Establish YANMAR Construction Equipment Sales Co.,Ltd.

July 21, 2004

Establish YANMAR Construction Equipment Co.,Ltd. By inheriting the construction equipment manufacturing department from Seirei industry Co.,Ltd.

September, 2004

Divide the construction equipment department from YANMAR Co.,Ltd to YANMAR Construction Equipment.

November 16, 2004

Show machines in BAUMA CHINA, an exhibition in China.


Start sales at YANMAR Shanghai (China).

October 24, 2006

An igniting ceremony for new painting equipment at the Fukuoka factory, YANMAR Construction Equipment.

November 14, 2006

Show the first YANMAR booth at EXCON7, an exhibition in India.

November 25, 2006

Show machines in BIG FIVE2007, an exhibition in Dubai.


Introduce a large sized machining machine (2units for booms and arms, 1unit for the turning frame), YANMAR Construction Equipment.

2010 -


100% subsidize AMMAN YANMAR.
Establish YANMAR Construction Equipment Europe (YCEE) in France.


Merger YANMAR Construction Equipment Sales Co.,Ltd to YANMAR Construction Equipment Co., Ltd in order to combine manufacturing, sales, and development.


Start sales at YANMAR South America (Brazil).


100 years from establishment, 10 years from founding of YANMAR Construction Equipment Co.,Ltd.


Start sales at YANMAR SP (Thailand).


Establish YANMAR compact Germany in Germany.


Completes Acquisition of North American compact equipment Manufacturer ASV Holdings.
ASV's dealer network will join Yanmar's global construction equipment operations.

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