Type Front Blade
weight [kg] 270 - 540 kg

Applicable Tractor
Y1600FBS for EF393T
Y1800FBS, H for EF514T
Y1810FBG / Y1820FBG for YM351A / YM357A
Y2100FBS for EF725T


Best suited for spreading and grading work.
Maximize operations in leveling, furrowing, and moving soils and fertilizers in the filed to save labor and fuel costs!

1.Work with high durable design Front Blade System!

2. Operation with the comfortable lever position!

3. Higher ground clearance with blade mounting position!

Stronger and higher durable design Front Blade system push a large volume of soils

Strong blade bracket with the larger blade design enable pushing of large amounts of soil.

Easy operation

Easily operate facing forward because the lever is located at the optimum position on the side of seat, making it easy to operate.

High ground clearance

Setting the blade arm mounting position at higher position brings the blade higher position and high ground clearance.
This gives wide-range operations in any terrain conditions even going over a ridge.

Extra front weights (Y1810FBG/Y1820FBG/Y2100FBS)

Front weights loaded together in operation when needed.
Y1810FBG/Y1820FBG: Loaded up to 120kg (4pcs of 30kg/pcs). Y2100FBS: Loaded up to 240kg (6pcs of 40kg/pcs). Weights are optional parts.

Easy maintenance blade system

The blade bracket and piping layout matching to the tractor design provides easy access for maintenance.

Photo : Y1800FBS,H with EF514T

The bottom of blade to be detached for replace saves your maintenace cost.


Model Y1600FBS Y1800FBS,H Y1810FBG Y1820FBG Y2100FBS
Weight (kg) 270 379 380 385 540
Blade Width (mm) 1600 1800 1800 1800 2133
Blade Height (mm) 480 485 526 526 520
Tractor EF393T EF494T/514T YM351A YM357A EF725T
Front Weight (kg; Option) N/A N/A Up to 120 Up to 120 Up to 240

* The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to product improvement.