Type Poly Plow
weight [kg] 350 kg

Applicable Tractor
Y2460PDL for YM351A / YM357A / EF514T


Cultivate in the paddy field or after disc plowing!
Easy to adjust the depth for grinding the soil, reversing and tilling of soil!

1. Wide working width by Multiple discs!

2. Preparation the soil from paddy field to dry field!

3. Easy adjustment according to the field!

Cultivate in both hard fields and soft fields!

By changing the mounting hole of the lower link bracket, the working width is changed and deeply cultivate regardless of the field conditions.

Easy adjustment of depth!

The adjustment nut of the spring is attached not only to the lower part of the spring but also to the upper part and the depth adjustment stroke can lengthen.
Working depth can be easily adjusted.

High efficiency work!

Wide work depth with 5 to 7 discs.
High efficiency work with the speed of 3 to 8 km/h.

Work on uncultivated land, with roots and stocks!

As the disk rotates, Poly Plow can be overcame stones, roots and stocks in the soil and prevent machine damage.

Adjusting the rear disc angle and letting the rear disc bit into the soil will prevent waggle of the working machine and improve straight ahead.

Prevent adhering the soil to disc!

Equipped with the scraper at each disc. It prevents soil from adhering to the disk, and perform more stable work.

Easy maintenance and can use for a long time!

Maintaining the performance of rotating parts
Equipped with grease nipple in each part of rotating parts.
It can be used for a long time by applying grease regularly.

Tool is standard equipment
These tools can be used during the actual work.
And also inspect the some parts.


Model Y2460PDL
Disc size (inch) 24
Quantity of disc (pieces) 6
Width x Length x Height
(mm x mm x mm)
1450 x 2200 x 980
Weight (kg) 416
Working Width (mm) 1385
Working Depth (mm) 100 - 150
Working Speed (km/hr) 3 - 8
Category SAE #1
For soil Any Soil
Horse Power (PS) 45 - 51

※The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.