Academy Organization

Academy Teams

Cerezo Osaka Academy consists of U-18, U-15, West U-15, Wakayama U-15, U-12, Ladies, and Girls. Each category is a member of the Japan Football Association and the Japan Club Youth Football Federation, with Cerezo Osaka Academy active in each age group. In order to provide necessary guidance in each age group, Cerezo Osaka Academy assigns guides with ample experience and puts effort into training professional football players based on global standards.

Cerezo’s History

Cerezo is an academy team with the goal of “developing players who can succeed around the world.
In addition to match results, players who represent Japan in each age group-specific national teams play in each of Cerezo’s categories. In addition to Japan, Cerezo also proactively engages in away games overseas to train players in a high-level environment.

[Players promoted to top teams from the academy]
Yusuke Maruhashi, Ryuya Nishio, Sota Kitano, and many others
[Results of promotions to top teams]
Through 2022 83 total *Including candidates, selected players, etc.

Titles won


U-12 Japan Football Championship - Winners


JAPAN Club Youth (U-15) Football Championship - Winners


U-15 Japan Women's Football Championship - Winners


U-18 Japan Women's Football Championship - Winners


Winners of three categories: U-18, U-15, Women’s U-18


It is a training support club (individual sponsorship), which was established to support Cerezo Osaka's training organizations (youth, junior youth, junior, ladies). Many people want to make a lot of beautiful flowers in the future of Cerezo Osaka.