Capacity [horsepower(PS)] 70 PS
Weight 2998 kg

Yanmar Combine Harvester YH700
For people who wants to expand bussiness

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  • Usages

    1. Make more money with smooth operartion
    Without stucking on muddy field! Powerfull Yanmar TNV engine with FDS and maru handle.

    2. Build trust with farmers
    Clean grain with double rotor system.

    3. No worry in operation
    Easy to keep track of. Expand territory as you want.

  • Performance

    1. High work efficiency, fast on wide field, tough in deep fields.
    Transmission has adopted a new structure called FDS. Tough on deep fields.
    Operator can control the unit exactly as they wish with the continously variable adjustment. Resistance to sinking and wet groud traction have been improved through wide crawlers

    2. Strong on deep fields, so you can operate based on harvest schedule plan.
    With ground clearance 420mm makes strong on deep fields. You can operate based on harvest schedule plan.

    3. Increased harvestable land area through high speed harvesting
    With bigger powerfull engine, outstanding reel picking up performance, and handles long stem to maximum length 150cm makes harvesting faster and increasing harvestable area.

  • Engine

    1. Powerfull! Lower fuel consumption
    Equipped with the 4TNV (98T) engine which integrated Yanmar original technology, it deliver powerfull performance over long work hours with lower fuel consumption.

    2. Respond exactly as the operator wishes
    Enables precise control of operations during high speed harvesting. Turns and row allignment can be easily carried out.


Models YH700
Type Top sacker
Dimensions Length [mm] 5070
Width [mm] 2285
Height 2930
Weight [kg] 3313
Engine Model 4TNV98
Type Water-cooled 4-cycle 4-cylinder vertical diesel
Displacement [cc] 3318
Output [kW(PS)/rpm] 51.5 (70)/2500
Fuel [mm] Diesel light oil
Fuel Tank Capacity [L] 115
Driving Part Crawlers Width × Length [mm] 500 × 1700
Gear Shift Method HST with hydraulic servo, mechanical FDS
Number of Transmission Gears 3
Travel Speed (at Rated RPM) [m/sec] Low speed: 0 to 0.88
Standard speed: 0 to 1.37
High speed: 0 to 1.85
Minimum ground clearance [mm] 420
(Center of transmission)
Header Interval between divider edges [mm] 2060
Header device type Reel + platform
Cut width [mm] 1975
Cut height range [mm] -50 to 1000
Reel Diameter × Width 900 × 1020
Rotation speed [rpm] 43 (37)
Thresher /
Type Axial-flow bar type with vertical front rotor
Rotor Diameter × Length [mm] 640 × 1850
Sorting method Vibratory motion, winnower, reprocessing
Sorter width [mm] 850
Sorting plate width × length 850 × 1410
Concave area [m2] 1.75
Grain processing method Top sacker
Tank or hopper capacity [L] 490