Weight 272 kg

Combine Rice Milling
Based on Yanmar experience since 1912, now we present our new product, Yanmar YMM 20 which is the combination of Rice Huller and Rice Polisher. Yanmar YMM 20 designed to be stronger and economics compare to others. With Yanmar YMM 20 your business will be expanding

Country of Sale

  • Indonesia


  • 3 (Three) Month

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  • Usages


    Grain processing
    YMM 20 is used to process grain into rice directly

    Design hulling head cover
    Hulling Head cover design allows Rubber roll replacement can be done easily and quickly

    Overflow expenditure
    Overflow discharges function when there is excess brown rice that is not accommodated by the polisher

  • Reliability

    Hulling head full gear system

    Hulling head full gear system
    With hulling head full gear system, will make the head more durable and will deliver good performance to the 6″ Rubber Roll

    Radiator and screen

    Radiator and screen
    Radiator and screen are made of carburizing steel


    Magnet at the winnower intake section will prevent metal object from entering the winnower and damage the winnower


    Sieve will prevent the grain impurities such as stone or straw from entering the hulling head

  • Option

    Cyclone with fan

    Cyclone with fan
    Cyclone with fan are used to blow and collect the Bran


Models YMM20
Dimension Length [mm] 1280
Width [mm] 1495
Height [mm] 1750
Weigth (with out engine) [kg] 272
Engine Output [hp] 19 - 23
Motor [kW] 14 - 17
Main shaft rotation speed [rpm] 750 - 800
Rice milling capacity [kg/hours] 500 - 750
Rubber Roll Size [mm (inch)] 152.4 × 222.25 (6 × 8.75)