Capacity [horsepower(HP)] 8 HP
Weight 146 - 175 kg

Powerful, Economic, Dynamic , Innovative
Plow type Tiller BROMO series with its Yanmar 8,5HP diesel engine and casting transmission also with new side clutch gear design. Makes BROMO series a powerful, economic , dynamic and innovative power tiller.

More dynamic and agile at the time of operation.
Latest innovation with EBS (Emergency Brake System) system capable of stopping tractor operation in emergency condition.
More productive with a single disc plow.

Country of Sale

  • Indonesia


  • 500 working hours or 6 month (whichever comes first)

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With Full Gear transmission, ensures power efficiency for each speed level.
More productive with single disc plow.


  • Performance

    Handtractor Bromo Series
    Suitable for all land, economical fuel consumption, more productive and easy maintenance. Tractor wider, stable, agile and comfortable in use. Long handle coloumn and light turning clutch so easy to control. Stable with latest modified work attachment.

  • Engine

    Plow type Tiller BROMO series
    Models TF 85 MLY-di
    Type Horizontal Diesel Engine 4 Stroke Water Cooled
    Output Maximum [hp/rpm] 8.5/2200
    Continuous [hp/rpm] 7.5/2200
    Displacement [cc] 493
    Combustion System direct injection
    Cooling System Radiator
    Starting System Manual
    Fuel Solar
    Fuel Tank Capacity [ltr] 10.5
    Oil Tank Capacity [ltr] 2.2
    Weight [kg] 92
    Vibration Reducer System Dual balancer shaft

    Direct Injection Combustion System

    Direct Injection Combustion System
    Direct Injection combustion system with the toroidal shaped piston crown delivers spontaneous and bigger power with efficient fuel system

    Dual balancer system and helical gear

    Noise and vibration reduction
    The noise and vibration reduction are achieved with the application of dual balancer system and the helical gear

  • Reliability

    BROMO Pro V2

    Dual part system casting transmission

    Dual part system casting transmission
    Strong and easy for maintenance

    Side clutch gear

    Side clutch gear
    New design side clutch gear with high quality material, improve the strength and life time


    Stay hitch
    Designed more robustly equipped with a fringe holder, bush hitch is larger and thicker

    Full gear transmision
    Ensures power efficiency for every speed

    Diameter as roda besar
    lebih kuat dan awet

    Kopeling belok ringan dan tuas kopeling terbuat dari zinc alloy finishing black
    Lincah dalam manufer belok, tuas kopeling tidak bisa karat dan nyaman di tangan

  • Maintenance

    Dual part system casting transmission

    Dual part system casting transmission
    Easy maintenance , no leaking risk , and easy to change wheel shaft oil seal

  • Attachment

    Standar Kelengkapan

    Pilihan Kelengkapan yang dapat dibeli


Dimension With Rubber Tire (Cage Wheel) Lenght [mm] 2640 2175
Width [mm] 770 (1176) 840 (1072)
Height [mm] 1130 (1256) 1065 (1195)
Weight [kg] 146.7 (182.7) 175.0 (201.0)
Transmission System Gear - Chain Combination Full Gear
Gear Case Type Casting Dual Part System Casting Dual Part System
Gear Structure 5 Level 5 Level
Speed Level Forward 1
(2 Change Pulley Line)
Forward 4, reverse 2
Clutch System Main V-Belt Tension Pulley Dry Multiple Disc Clutch
Turning Dog Clutch Dog Clutch
Brake System Emergency Brake System Emergency Brake System