SMARTASSIST Farm smarter with high-tech solutions

Advanced technology will support your agricultural business using innovative ways.

Easy check with a smartphone

Using a smartphone (or computer), the machine owner can easily check the current status of the machines at work and the operated area from remote locations.

Comprehensive after-service

YANMAR supports the farm & contracting business by providing after-service that monitors the owner’s machines to reduce downtime, by offering maintenance suggestions on operating hours or machine alarms.


01 Check location and work status at a glance

  • Operation can be checked without going out to the field, allowing you to manage the contracting work efficiently.
  • Work instructions can be conveyed accurately to operators.
  • Timing of periodic maintenance can be checked. Also, dealers notify operators/owners about periodic maintenance.

01 Easily inspect work logs

  • Work records are kept for each machine and worker, allowing you to review and improve them.
  • Leads to improvements in efficient routing between fields.
  • You can check the exact field size of the actual work area.

01 Measure work area accurately

  • Calculating the field size is as easy as tapping the corners of the field on a map.
  • Checking the field size is made easy for better planning of work operation.
  • Calculation can estimate other variables like possible yield, time to complete and others.

01 View alerts as they happen

  • If failures are detected and monitored carefully, serious machine failure can be prevented in advance.
  • Even if the machine has a failure, this service already knows the condition of the machine in advance, and can take appropriate action. Thus, the downtime of operation can be limited to a minimum.

01 See the hours worked on a graph (for each month, year and worker)

  • Work records are retained for each machine and worker, allowing you to review and improve them.
  • Increases in consigned work and efficient distributions of human resources can be provided in accordance with the operating conditions.

each month
and year




01 Set location and work period in advance

  • Set a range for the operating area and time, and if the monitoring values are out of range, a notice will be provided via smartphone.
  • You can check whether an operator is working based on the schedule.
  • This function is also effective for theft deterrence.

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