Community Involvement and Development

Yanmar Contributes to Society Across the Globe

North America and Latin America
Yanmar America donates tractors to Season's Harvest at Berry College
—Yanmar America Corporation—

Supporting the Season's Harvest project at Berry Farm
Supporting the Season's Harvest project at Berry Farm

Yanmar America Agriculture Division donated the use of a YT359 C Tractor Loader and a YANMAR Rotary Cutter to the Berry Farms Season' s Harvest program held for students. Yanmar America will continue to support classes and training for students through its donation of tractors, used for tilling, bed shaping, planting and mowing. Located in Georgia, Berry College has the world's largest contiguous college campus with 27,000 acres of land. This program not only offers local neighbors fresh and seasonal crops grown on the farm, but also provides students a paid, on-campus work during their enrollment.

Participation in the BOPAE Recycling Event by collecting 12 tons of waste
—Tuff Torq Corporation—

BOPAE Recycling Event
BOPAE Recycling Event

Tuff Torq co-sponsored a BOPAE recycling event in October 2018. The event is held annually and collects used Batteries, Oils, Paints, Antifreeze, Electronics (BOPAE) from the local community. For this year, a total of 26,539 pounds or 12 tons of waste was collected and disassembled to be stored and disposed. Total waste collected at the event increased by 122% from the previous year. TTC will continue to support such events in the future and is working together with local residents to find and properly dispose of dangerous items near their homes.

Bee harvesting using land surrounding the business
—Yanmar Europe B.V.—

Setting up bee hives for the honey bees
Setting up bee hives for the honey bees

Yanmar Europe started bee harvesting by having the staff cultivate land surrounding the business by adding flowerbeds and setting up bee hives under the advice of bee keepers. Honeybees play an important role in the ecosystem. Since 2011, Yanmar has been supporting the Umeda Honey Bee Project, an initiative to grow bees in urban areas. This activity in Holland is in line with the one in Japan and will continue in the future.

Part of the assembling outsourced to workers with disabilities to support self-sufficiency and opportunity
—Vetus B.V.—

Members of the Vetus Young Generation
Members of the Vetus Young Generation

Vetus outsources a part of our assembly work to subcontractors which functions as a social activity organization offering work to people with disabilities. In the Netherlands, opportunities are offered to people with disabilities so that they can contribute to society though their skills. Vetus participates in this activity by providing work. Vetus Young Generation, consisting of members of 35 and younger, visits the subcontractors and organizes activities through communicating with workers in charge of these tasks.

Community service through donations and hosting family parties
Yanmar Compact Equipment Europe
—Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe S.A.S—
—Yanmar Compact Germany GmbH—

Yanmar Compact Equipment Europe collected donations through a raffle to help support a local organization for cancer prevention. To add, fun family events for Yanmar employees were organized to offer their families an opportunity to look and feel Yanmar products.

Family Party (Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe)
Family Party
(Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe)
Family Party (Yanmar Compact Germany GmbH)
Family Party
(Yanmar Compact Germany GmbH)

Asia Pacific
Seminars and cleanup activities to discuss the problem of plastic waste in the ocean
—Yanmar Asia (Singapore) Corporation Pte. Ltd.—

Cleaning the beach
Cleaning the beach

Yanmar Asia (Singapore) held an event in April 2018 to raise awareness of ocean pollution as well as saving resources and energy. In line with Earth Day, air conditioning was switched off temporarily and beach clean-up activity was held at East Coast Beach Park. At the beach, 315kg of garbage, including cigarettes, food packagings, and plastic straws, were collected during the two hours of clean-up. We will continue to support environmental protection and energy saving activities.

Proceeds donated to a local charity organization at a company charity sports tournament
—Yanmar Capital (Thailand) Co., Ltd.—

Visited the charity organization where donations were made
Visited the charity organization where donations were made

In September 2018, Yanmar Capital (Thailand) held a charity sports event for the purpose of donating prize money to two local charity organizations selected by the employees. The first donation of 82,000 JPY was offered to Ramathibodi Foundation to save patients lacking medical support. This fund also included donations offered under the patronage of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. The second donation of 90,000 JPY was offered to Baan Ramintra School to support handicapped and blind children in kindergarten and elementary grades. Both organizations have been selected upon visitations to the facilities and discussing current situations with the representatives in charge.

Donation of school supplies and uniforms to the local school
—Yanmar Engine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.—

In March 2019, Yanmar Engine (Shanghai) made donations of school supplies and equipment equivalent to 78,000 yuan. In partnership with the local dealership from Anhui Province, donations of multifunction printer and gym equipment were made on March 12th to Shouxian Xiedun Xiaoxue Elementary School. On the 28th, 437 set of student uniforms and 41 sets of teacher uniforms were offered to Yanshi Xiwang Xiaoxue Elementary School with a dealership from Henan Province. We will continue to offer educational support to the local children of the future generation.

Donations to Yanshi Xiwang Xiaoxue Elementary School
Donations to Yanshi Xiwang Xiaoxue Elementary School
Donations to Shouxian Xiedun Xiaoxue Elementary School
Donations to Shouxian Xiedun Xiaoxue Elementary School

Chairs and desks donated to Xinjiang Wensu District Arele Junior High School
—Yanmar Agricultural Equipment (China) Co., Ltd.—

Students using the donated chairs and desks
Students using the donated chairs and desks

In June 2019, Yanmar Agricultural Equipment (China) made donations of desk and chair sets equivalent to 70,000 yuan to the Xinjiang Wensu District Arele Junior High School. Gift donations were made upon request from the middle school to improve educational environment for one to five classes across seven grades levels.

Accepting interns from Tanlin Institute of Technology
—Yanmar Myanmar Co., Ltd.—

Career Experience
Career Experience

Over the two months between April to May 2018, Yanmar Myanmar accepted two student interns from Tanlin Institute of Technology to experience inspections of agricultural equipment and market service. Through this career experience, students acquired expertise, knowledge about the work, and confidence through communication with the employees. Yanmar Myanmar believes this relationship will eventually lead to procuring future employees.

Support religious and cultural activities in nearby communities
—PT. Yanmar Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Indonesia—

Donation of rice
Donation of rice

Yanmar Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Indonesia is involved in various corporate social responsibilities to support religious and cultural activities in nearby communities. For example, 300kg of rice was donated for Zakat, which follows a period of fasting during the Islamic practice of Ramadan.
3 goats were also offered for one of the most important celebrations of Eid ul-Adha,
known as the festival of sacrifice.

Organized clean up activity on riverbanks requiring strong teamwork
—Yanmar Kota Kinabalu R&D Center SDN. BHD. —

Participating members of the clean up
Participating members of the clean up

In October 2018, Yanmar Kota Kinabalu R&D Center organized a clean-up activity with the non-governmental organizations of Trash Hero Borneo and Outward Bound Sabah. Together, they collected garbage from riverbanks of Sabah (Kinabalu Papar) organized a clean-up activity and strengthened teamwork. Participants were able to gain awareness for the environment and confidence from trying new methods as a team. Kayaks, ropes, and tree climbing were used during the clean-up, building teamwork and team dynamics.

List of CSR activities by international group companies (excluding the above-mentioned activities)

Region Country Company name Activities
North America and Latin America America Yanmar America Corporation Participated in the Career Day at Clark Creek STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math Education)
Sponsorship of the 1st Cherokee Film Summit held in Cherokee County
Employees act as "Teacher for the Day" at the Rocky Mount Elementary School
Employees read to students at the Clark Creek Elementary School to support improvements in reading and writing skills
Hosted an agricultural event "AG through EVO" and invited local farmers and farming organizations
Offered vegetable seeds and rental of tractor equipment to three local agricultural schools
Organized an agricultural experience tour by inviting students from Clark Creek Elementary School and Oak Grove Elementary School
Employees attended a health wellness fair to learn from the experts about having a stroke, sleeping disorder, and smoking problems, as well as receiving medical examination for cancer
Sponsorship and employee participation in the Cherokee County Special Olympics and marathon race which supports school funding for Cherokee County
Sponsorship in the Kickball Tournament supporting children with physical and mental disabilities
Organized events to show appreciation to the employees who were involved in CSR as volunteers
Sponsorship in a charity golf tournament supporting the local Experiences Foundation
Sponsorship of the Pink Out! 5K campaign supporting awareness for breast cancer at Adairsville Elementary School
Supported the Special Olympics Georgia by participating in the Polar Plunge, a race to swim in the winter ocean
Established the soccer club, Yanmar Red Bulls, to promote a healthy lifestyle and teamwork, as well as communication within the company
Organized a reception party and company tour with the Georgia Economic Developers Association (GEDA)
Fund raising at a dance contest for a local non-profit organization MUST Ministries (About 45,000 USD in donations)
Organized a leadership seminar in partnership with a local dealer, Vermeer Southeast
Participated in a silent auction for Cherokee Humane Society (8,000 USD in donations)
Participated in a Halloween event held in Adairsville
Participated in a scarecrow contest attended by local companies, schools and other community groups
Donated toys and 200 pounds of canned food to the Adairsville community
Participated in the Christmas parade in Adairsville and Calhoun
Sponsorship of the team participating in a local robot competition
Organized a clean-up activity at Etowah River
Blood drive once every 6 months in cooperation with the American Red Cross
Participated in the Japan Fest 2018, a cultural exchange event between Japan and the United States
Associated with the Cherokee Workforce Collaborative which supports development of skilled workers
Offered scholarship for students in need to complete studies at an event organized by the Chattahoochee Tech Foundation
Supports Matiak Foundation established by one of the dealers to help veterans and young adults succeed through education and resources
Participated in the Career and Internship Fair held by the Kennesaw State University
Participated in the Cherokee Career Forum to support local job seekers
Invested in and supported the Cherokee By Change movement which encourages local competition
Supporting education for children in poverty through Red Nose Day by the parts and services department
Tuff Torq Corporation Provided clothing, toys, and food to families in poverty through the school aid program of Morristown, Tennessee
Sponsorship to the Overcomer Obstacle Challenge event held to support CEASE, the domestic violence shelter
Engineer assigned from Kanzaki Kokyukoki participated in the Merit Badge College for Boy Scouts
Europe The Netherlands Yanmar Europe Organized various social events after resigning the contract to sponsor Almere City FC, the local soccer club of the Netherlands
Signed a sponsorship agreement with Larsnes/Gursken FK, the local soccer club of Norway
Sponsorship to Dale One Experience of Norway through marine engines and expertise
Hosted a Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing) event for the first time to celebrate Japan-French relations
Germany / France Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe Free language courses to all employees
Donated to the local organization supporting cancer prevention by offering money collected from a raffle
Organized a party for Family Day inviting all families
Sponsorship of local sports club
Cultural exchange program for Japan and Europe
Cultural seminars to learn about working together with people from different cultures
Encourage employment for job seekers
Financial support for interns
Asia Pacific China Yanmar Agricultural Equipment (China) Employed one employee with disabilities at the quality division
Singapore Yanmar Asia (Singapore) Corporation Pte. Ltd. Promoted recycling of old books within the company
Indonesia PT. Yanmar Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Indonesia Organized a traffic safety seminar for the employees
Organized a fire and first aid training for the employees
Conducted inspections for all fire hydrants and organized training on how to use AED
Organized cancer prevention seminar for all employees
Fund from the Yamaoka Scholarship Foundation
Used cans to be recycled as garbage bins for the local community
Donation to those affected by the earthquake in Palu
Participates in a volleyball tournament held in Ngoro, Mojokerto
Factory tour of teachers association from East Java
Factory tour of upcoming graduates
Malaysia Yanmar Kota Kinabalu R&D Center SDN. BHD. Engineer training for the students of the Kinabalu Japanese School