• Dry Field Special

Better working performance in dry field

Draft Control

The draft system controls the traction load according to the tillage depth for easy and atomatic operation.
It can minimize slippage caused by the load and maximize productivity.

The Big Tires (Low Rug)

Large-diameter low lug tires allow for efficient towing and transporting.

Tire Size (Rear) 14.9-28


A maximum of 240kg of rear wheel weight and 150kg of front weight can be installed for even more powerful towing.

4 Settings of Tread

Tire tread can be changed on both the front and rear wheels, and changing the tread according to the width of the ridge helps in crop management and harvesting in the field.

1264 1225
1328 1338
1352 1406
1416 1520

Cat Ⅰ (Ⅱ) 3-point Hitches

Category Ⅰ (Ⅱ) three-point hitches can be attached to a variety of implements, allowing you to easily switch between the two categories.

Full synchromesh transmission

The YM3 tractor uses a full-synchromesh transmission for smooth gear shifting and changing forward and reverse as well as excellent durability.
This transimission allows you to drive on the street more comfortably since you do not have to stop the tractor completely to change gears.

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