YM351R, YM358R, YM358R-L1
YM351R YM358R YM358R-L1
Horse Power 51.4PS 57.6PS 57.6PS
Weight 1690㎏ 1850㎏ 1840㎏
  • Direct-injection diesel engine

    Developer of the world's first small diesel engine, YANMAR's extensive fuel injection and combustion technology comes together in this powerful and reliable package. Whether plowing or puddling, the YM tractor offers excellent fuel efficiency and outstanding durability.

    Experience the superior power and reliability of the YM358R's 3.3 liter long stroke engine.
    Maximum torque has been increased, and the engine works harder than ever at low engine speeds.

    Monoplunger fuel injection pump

    The pump supplies fuel at uniformly high pressure to the fuel injector of each cylinder, for even combustion, smoother power and less vibration.

    Fuel injector

    The precision designed injector nozzle atomizes the fuel at high pressure for introduction to the cylinder.

    Original combustion chamber design

    The combustion chamber is specially shaped to promote an even fuel-air mixture and complete combustion for high power and low emissions.

    Two-stage air filter

    Two-stage filtration removes grit and dust from the air intake to prevent piston ring wear.

  • Versatility

    Paddy, dry field, or hauling

    The YM is a versatile tractor that has no equal in the demanding conditions of South east Asian agriculture.

    The Big Tires

    *Only YM358R
    Large-diameter and wide high lug tires allow for efficient towing and transporting.

    Newly designed rotary tiller

    The innovative design means that even tilling at high speed causes little loss of power as most soil does not travel into the rotary, while the long stroke of the rear cover rakes the soil for a more beautiful finish.

    Long rear cover

    The rear cover is longer by 15% than the conventional one, with the broader raking surface giving a beautiful finish.

    Ground clearance

    Great clearance is the key to powering on in muddy conditions or passing over crops without damaging them.

    Hydraulic lift capacity

    Even large and heavy implements like plows or planters can be raised with ease to perform wide range of work.
    *at lower link end.

    Tight turns

    Turn the wheels all the way over to their maximum 55 degrees for tight turns at the end of the row and those tough corners.

    Drawbar Hitch

    Equipped with a drawbar (clevis type) as standard for hauling and towing a variety of loads.

  • Dry field special (Only YM358R,L1)

    Draft Control

    *Only YM358R,L1
    The draft system controls the traction load according to the tillage depth for easy and atomatic operation.
    It can minimize slippage caused by the load and maximize productivity.

    The Big Tires

    Large-diameter and wide low lug tires allow for efficient towing and transporting.

    4 Settings of Tread

    *YM358R,L1 can be set to 4 patterns for both front and rear wheels
    Tire tread can be changed and changing the tread according to the work and the width of the ridge helps in crop management and harvesting in the field.

    Cat Ⅰ (Ⅱ) 3-Point Hitch

    *Only YM358R,L1
    Category Ⅰ & Ⅱ 3-point hitch can be attached to a variety of implements, allowing you to easily switch between the two categories.

  • Intuitive comfort

    Everyting you need to get the job done

    Easy to operate with comfort that lets you spend long hours working.

    Full synchromesh transmission

    A full syncromesh transmission allows you to smoothly change direction and speed without gear noise, even when the tractor is still moving, just by shifting the reverser lever and main shift lever.

    Synchronized reverser lever

    Synchronized reverser lever

    Change direction, simply by shifting the lever conveniently located by the steering wheel, to back out of tight corners.

    4 speed synchronized main shift lever

    4 speed synchronized main shift lever

    Select the best speed for the job by combining the smooth changing synchronized main shift with the 2 speed range shift.

    Deluxe seat with suspension

    Deluxe seat with suspension

    Shift forwards or back with a convenient lever and enjoy stepless adjustment of seating suspension for comfort that lets you work all day.

    Stepless adjustment knob behind seat back.
    Fully hydraulic power steering

    Fully hydraulic power steering

    Even heavy going muddy paddies are no problem with hydraulic power steering driving you through the toughest turns.

    Flat deck

    Flat deck

    A flat deck lets you slide smoothly into the seat while offering the operator the comfort of a broad and stable work platform.

    3-Point hitch control lever

    3-Point hitch control lever

    Put your implement exactly where you want it with highly responsive and fine-tuned depth control.

    Differential lock pedal

    The pedal locks the differential to keep both wheels moving and help you get through difficult paddies.

    2 speed range shift lever

    The 2 speed range shift can switch between high and low speeds for use in a wide range of applications from tilling in paddy fields to traveling between fields.

    Four-wheel drive lever

    Four-wheel drive lever

    A simple lever lets you switch between two and four-wheel drive for greater traction.

    One-touch PTO button

    One-touch PTO button

    Stop the PTO at the touch of a button to prevent damage to the PTO drive shaft when raising implements. There is no need to stop the tractor.

  • Other Standard Equipment

    High visiblity LCD meter

    The intuitive LCD display lets you see what you need, when you need it, even in daylight.

    Projector-type headlight

    Low and high beam let you pierce through the darkness to keep working after the sun goes down.

    12 V accessory socket

    Charge smartphones and other devices while on the go.
    (Cigar USB Socket not included)


    Convenient storage for drinks, devices and whatever else you need.

    Tool box

    No need to head back for tools when this toolbox is right near your feet.
    (Tools not included)


    The Foldable ROPS make it easier to work and store in places where height is restricted.


    The mounting angles of the ROPS and canopy have been revised to improve the light-shielding range.

  • Smart assist

    Including SMARTASSIST Remote as standard

    Geolocation by GPS and other sensors lets you know exactly how and where your tractor is working. Reduce downtime and errors to save money.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Hood access

    The gas-damper equipped hood opens to a full 80 degrees for easy access.

    Grease fittings

    Allocating greasing nipples to appropriate locations. Periodical refilling of grease maintains the life of your machine.

    Large-capacity maintenance-free battery

    Gives you the power to get your working day started. Consult the battery indicators for any necessary maintenance.

    Large fuel / water separator

    Prevents water/moisture and dust from entering the engine.

    Engine oil / engine oil filter

    Well accessible without removing any surrounding parts like side covers.Assisting easy inspection of engine oil.

  • Genuine Spare Parts

    Yanmar's genuine spare parts support you for long-machine life and maximize the work performance for long time.

    Long-life transmission fluid TF500T

    A long life of up to 600 hrs, means you save time and money on transmission fluid changes. (Sold separately)

  • Dealer options

    Front weight (1A8253-10300)
    Front bracket (1A8253-10200)

    Mount up to five 30kg weights for added stability.


    Rear wheel weight (1A8253-34990)

    Mount any combination of one 20kg, and two 25kg weights for a maximum of 70kg, on the rear wheels for added traction.

    YM358R, YM358R-L1
    Rear wheel weights Base & Additional set (1A8253-34990)
    Weights can be attached to rear wheels on one side up to 70kg (total 140kg) to increase traction.

    Rear working light (1A8253-54100)

    Light up the night with this rear-mounted lamp.

    LED Lamp kit (1A8253-54910)

    LED lamp can be mounted on the ROPS and can illuminate the front, back, left or right, whichever direction you prefer.

  • Implements


    Used : Tillage / Stamping / Reversing / Leveling

    Model Name Y1800RH Y1900RH Y2000RH
    Transmission system Gear Chamber Type Pinion gear bevel straight type
    Ratio 14T / 27T
    Chain Chamber The side chain
    width×length×height [mm]
    1971×952×1026 2071×952×1026 2171×952×1026
    Weight [kg] 325 335 345
    Width of area work [mm] 1770 1870 1970
    Type of blade L&C shape
    Quantity of blade Left [pieces] 27 27 30
    Right [pieces] 27 27 30
    Speed (Blade axle / PTO axle) [rpm] 237 / 540
    Applied Tractor horse power [HP] 51 - 57
    Work Speed (Reference) [km/h] 2 - 7


    Used : Tillage / Stamping / Reversing / Leveling

    Model Name Y2460PDK Y2450PDK Y2460PDL Y2260PDL,W Y2450PDL
    Disc size [inch] 24 24 24 22 24
    Quantity of disc [pieces] 6 5 6 6 5
    Width x Length x Height [mm] 1510 x 2130 x 1095 1510 x 2130 x 1095 1450 x 2200 x 980 1400 x 2200 x 955 1450 x 2200 x 980
    Weight [kg] 445 450 416 372 390
    Working Depth [mm] 150 - 200 150 - 200 100 - 150 100 - 150 100 - 150
    Working Width [mm] 1420 1215 1385 1275 1385
    For soil Any soil Any soil Any soil Any soil Any soil
    Applied Tractor horse power [HP] 39 - 51 39 - 51 45 - 51 45 - 51 45 - 51
    Work Speed (Reference) [km/h] 3 - 8 3 - 8 3 - 8 3 - 8 3 - 8


    Used : Tillage / Reversing

    Model Name Y2430DPK Y2440DPK Y2240DPL,W Y2430DPL
    Disc size [inch] 24 24 22 24
    Quantity of disc [pieces] 3 4 4 3
    Width×Length×Height [mm] 1235×2335×1200 1415×2810×1265 920×2300×1050 1020×2300×1100
    Weight [kg] 475 560 305 389
    Working Depth [mm] 200 - 250 200 - 250 150 - 200 200 - 250
    Working Width [mm] 860 1080 1420 1220
    For soil Any soil Any soil Any soil Any soil
    Applied Tractor horse power [HP] 39 - 57 39 - 57 39 - 57 45 - 57
    Work Speed (Reference) [km/h] 3 - 8 3 - 8 3 - 8 3 - 8


    Used : Field maintenance / Movement of soil and compost

    Model Name Y1810FBG Y1820FBG
    Applied Tractor Model [HP] YM351A YM357A
    Gross Weight [kg] 380 385
    Working Width [mm] 1800 1800
    Height of Blade [mm] 526 526
    Minimum Ground Clearance [mm] 304 314
    Hydraulic Cylinder demention Rod Diameter [mm] 45 45
    Bore Diamiter [mm] 55 55
    Stroke [mm] 485 485
    Work Speed (Reference) [km/h] 3 - 4

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