weight [kg] 325 kg
Type Slasher


  • Rice
  • Cassava
  • Palm
  • Rubber
  • Fruits

Price 37,200 THB


Mow steadily even in rough ground! Cutting grasses and residual stems in the field!

1. Follow the unevenness of the field!
2. The cutting height can be adjusted in 3 steps!
3. Protect the implement and tractor from shock!

Prevents uncut area in uneven field!

  • Working by removing the pin of the top link part, the implement follows the concavities and convexities of the field and prevents the remainder of mowing.
  • When moving, sufficient raising height can be secured when raising the work machine by installing the pin.

Choose the cutting height according to the field!

By changing the mounting position of the skid, the cutting
height to 3 levels can be changed.

Protect work implement and tractor, and it can use for a long time!

The 2 blades have a flexible structure. Even if it strikes
hard objects such as rocks, it will not receive shocks and
protect the blades.

Equipped with a torque limiter on the drive joint. It blocks
input power from when the over load is applied to the blade, so it prevents damage to the tractor.

Prevents scattering of stones and pulverized materials!

Equipped with a safety shield made by strong steel plate
at the rear, it prevents the scattering of stones and crushed materials during work.


Model Name Y1200RSS Y1400RSS
Quantity of Blade 2 2
Normal Size (mm) 1200 1400
Blade Diameter (mm) 1170 1380
Cutting Height (mm) 25, 55, 85 30, 67.5, 105
Weight (kg) 190 325
Category SAE #1 SAE #1
Horse Power (PS) 35 - 40 40 - 55

* The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.
* Operation efficiency is subject to the field conditions.

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