weight [kg] 255 kg
Type Cut Away


  • Sugarcane

Price 55,500 THB


High efficiency weed control at the initial growth of sugarcane.
Simultaneous working of the soil crushing and leveling,
weeding and ridging by the disk and the spring cultivator.

1. Promote growth of sugarcane by weeding!
2. Highly effective work by weeding from a gap between the crops.
3. High efficiency with towing work!

Weeding surely by the spring cultivator

Coil spring type cultivator structure

Spring cultivator absorb stress and prevent breakage even if there are large obstacles such as stones.

Spring cultivator arranged in V shape

By placing it in a V shape grass will not stagnate. Continuous work is possible without concern for grass clogging.

Correspond to various field conditions!

The height of the spring cultivator can be adjusted according to the field condition. With the work of the damper, the spring cultivator will follow the ground and weed out regardless of the attitude of the tractor.

Adjustable the working width according to the cropping system!

The width of the disc can be easily adjusted up to 180 cm in accordance with the ridge.

Double disc!

The disc has a dual structure and it combines large and small discs. It moves the soil from wide area surely.

High efficiency work!

Work speed is high due to towing work and it is high efficiency.


Model Name Y1800CAK
Working Width (mm) 1800
Working Depth (mm) 50 - 100
Weight (kg) 255
Work Speed (Reference) (km/h) 4
Category SAE #1
Horse Power (PS) 45 - 60

* The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.
* Operation efficiency is subject to the field conditions.

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