weight [kg] 260 kg
Type Ridger


  • Cassava

Price 33,700 THB


Ridge making work after tilling work can be done easily!
Put the soil on the inside with a height endurance disc to make an ideal ridge.
1. Hight durability disc!
2. “High speed”, high efficiency work!
3. The ridge shape is adjustable with the angle and width of the disc!

High durability disc adopted!

Because it uses a highly durable material for the disc material, it is suitable for places where it is used for a long time or wears out abruptly.

Strong structure!

It can be used for a long time due to a simple and sturdy structure.

Useful for bad condition field!

Even in bad conditions such as stones, disc will overcome to prevent machine damage. It can work without choosing field conditions.

High efficiency!

2 disc make the ridges.
High efficiency work can be done with towing 3 – 8 km/h high speed work.

The width of the ridges can be freely changed by the width between the discs!!

The optimum ridge width can be selected in the range of minimum ridge width 37 cm to maximum ridge width 150 cm.

The ridge height can be freely changed by the angle of disc!

Disc angles can be easily changed with one bolt.
Furthermore, it can be worked without worrying about loosening because it is fixed completely with the lock nut.


Model Name Y2410RGK
Disc 24” x 2
Quantity of Row 1
Width of Ridge (mm) 370 - 1,500
Depth of Ridge (mm) 200
Weight (kg) 260
Work Speed (Reference)(km/h) 3.5 - 6
Category SAE #1
Horse Power (PS) 35 - 60

* The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.
* Operation efficiency is subject to the field conditions.

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