weight [kg] 355 kg
Type Fertilizer Ripper


  • Sugarcane

Price 52,300 THB


Simultaneous working of root cutting and fertilization.
Cut the roots with a ripper and promote growth!

1. Promote growth of new roots by cutting old roots!
2. Fertilizer works on the roots by putting near the roots!
3. Fertilize evenly by synchronizing with the vehicle speed.

Fertilize directly to the root in the ground!

  • Fertilized immediately after subsoiler and fertilizer spreads close to the root.
  • It promotes growth and can efficiently use the amount of fertilizer.

Feature of Disc

Cut not only roots but also weeds to keep grass from getting entangled in subsoilers.
Quenched disc improves the durablity.

Use in various fields!

The interval can be adjusted from 0.8 to 1.8 m.
Moreover, it is high efficiency in 2 line simultaneous work.

Top link and lower link mounting holes are equipped with upper and lower holes.
It is adjustable according to the raising height.

Improve efficiency by simultaneous fertilization!

Fertilizer tank
The fertilizer tank is rust-resistant stainless steel.
Work effectively by big capacity tank, 50 kg × 2 pieces. (Y4250FRK)

2 type amount of fertilizer
By changing the gears, the fertilizer amount in two type can be selected. (50 kg/rai <=> 75 kg/rai)

Check window
By the check window, the remaining amount of fertilizer can be checked without opening the cover.


Model Name Y2250FRK Y4250FRK
Working Depth (mm) 100 100
Weight (kg) 355 530
Quantity of Disc 2 2
Quantity of Ripper 2 4
Disk Size 24” 24”
Fertilizer Material Stainless Stainless
Capacity 50 kg x 1 50 kg x 2
Fertilizer Consumption (kg/rai) 50, 75 50, 75
Work Speed (Reference) (km/h) 3 - 4 3 - 4
Category SAE #1 SAE #1
Horse Power (PS) 35 - 45 45 - 60

*The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.
*Operation efficiency is subject to the field conditions.

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