Horse Power 73.3 HP
Weight 9825 kg

Yanmar’s 4TNV direct-injection diesel engine is powerful yet fuel-efficient. The engine does not heat up easily and is electronically controlled, ensuring precise fuel injection. Equipped with isochronous control to maintain engine stability, the excavator is compatible with several attachments. A quick coupler helps to save time. The lower section is strong and durable, ready to take on any type of operation. The SMARTASSIST system allows users to monitor operating conditions in real-time from anywhere and alerts them to conduct prompt maintenance.

ViO Series, Yanmar excavators’ latest innovation

The ViO Series are the latest models of Yanmar excavators developed and manufactured by Yanmar Construction Equipment Co., Ltd., Japan. Thanks to Yanmar’s expertise in engines and hydraulics, Yanmar excavators in the ViO Series have excellent performance, and are strong, and durable, gaining acceptance among users worldwide.



Model SV100-2
Specification Cabin (ROPS/OPG)
Type Quick Coupler
Operating Weight Steel track kg. (lbs) 9,825(21,660)
Engine Type Vertical 4 cylinder, water-cooled, direct injection diesel engine
Rate ouput kw (hp)/rpm 54.7(73.3)/2200
Performance Bucket capacity cu.m (cu.ft) 0.30(10.6)
Bucket width in (mm.) 31.50(800)
Maximum digging force (bucket) kn (lbs) 54.3(12,216)
Travel speed High/Low km./ hr. 4.0/2.2
Swing Speed rpm 9.1
Boom swing angle. Left/ Right degree 60/60
Ground contact pressure kPa (PSI) 38.8(5.6)
Hydraulic system system Hydraulic pump displacement liter/min (GPM) 81.4 (21.5)x2 (Variable displacement pump),60.3 (15.9)x1,20.9 (5.5)x1 (Gear pump)
System relief set pressure MPa (PSI) 27.5x2,24.0x1,2.9x1(3989x2,3481x1,421x1)
Fuel tank capacity liter 115


Model SV100-2
Specification Output Combine flow, double actions
MPa(PSI) 3,989(27.5)
liter/Min (GMP) 2,100 rpm/min 34.3(130)
1,200 rpm/min 19.8(75)

Features SV100-2
SA-R Yanmar Machinery Management System
Cabin Air conditioner
Quick coupler
Track Steel
Pattern change valve ●(4-way)
Hydraulic cylinder guard Boom
Arm -
Bucket -


A 4530(14'10")
B 4010(13'2")
C 4810(15'9")
D 7570(24'10")
E 7400(24'3")
F 6490(21'4")
G 4950(16'3")
H 2040(6'8")
I 3070(10'1")
J 460(1'6")
K 520(1'8")
L 2810(9'3")
M 2790(9'2") R2390(7'10")
N 1730(5'8")
O 5120(16'10")
P 7730(25'4")
Q 1870(6'2")
R 2320(7'7")
S 485(1'7")
T 450(1'6")
U 635(2'1")
V 835(2'9")
W 80(3.15)
X 120(4.72)
Y 800(31.5)