Comfortable and safe cabin for any task.

Airtight cabin to support powerful air-conditioning

The cabin of every model of Yanmar excavator has been designed to ensure maximum comfort for users. The lower area is wide and comfortable, reducing operator fatigue. The cabin is also quiet and protects the interior from outside noise.Yanmar ViO Series excavators are available with two types of cabin: air-conditioned and canopy. Both are in compliance with rollover protective structure (ROPs) standards.

  • Air-conditioned cabin for ViO35-6B CCTH, ViO55-6B, ViO80-1, and SV100-2 models.
  • Open-air cabin for ViO30-6B RPTHJ and ViO35-6B PTH models

Comfort is enhanced with a 12 volt power generator, and the positioning of the control lever on the user’s right-hand side.