Horse Power 8.5 - 11.5 PS
Weight 93 - 109 kg
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TF85WL-SR2 Price 35,500 THB

TF105WL-PR2 Price 40,900 THB

TF115WL-PR2 Price 43,200 THB


Powerful, Durable, and Worth
Perfect prime diesel engine with the high-pressure fuel pump in advanced design makes you ensure that the engine operates smoothly.

Extreme durability

Cylinders with the special substance provide 5-times durability. Crankshaft is developed to increase the size for the better strength, and also increase the size and number of craft shank bearing in order to load more weights, and better resist to the friction of engine.

Two-Legged Governor Helps Miring

The set of two-legged governor helps the engine start up quicker and not easy to shut down even the low speed engine. This helps the engine operating continuously when it is mired in the mud.

Special swirl chamber





Fuel Spray and Swirl Combustion Chamber

Secondary Combustion Chamber System (I.D.I.)

  • IDI Fuel Injection plus the efficient shape of swirl combustion chamber helps enhancing the release of thermal energy led to the unbelievable driving power.
  • Fuel injection with double high pressure and advanced designed nozzle helps increasing the engine’s efficiency and improving the color of exhausting smoke from the engine. You can be sure that the engine operates conveniently and smoothly.

Lower Engine Vibration

High vibration of engine results to operator’s fatigue. Yanmar’s dual balancer can make a big difference.
It helps in the reduction of engine’s vibration to make operation easier and less exhausting especially.

Less Engine Noise

Yanmar uses large muffler to lessen the engine noise. More engine noise may result to uncomfortable operation and can also lead to operator’s impaired hearing.

Brighter Lamp

During night operation, lamp is very useful to operators.
Yanmar re-design this new generation of horizontal diesel engine making the lamp brighter for safe operation.


Model TF85WL TF105WL TF115WL
Type Horizontal, 4-cycle water-cooled
Combustion chamber Special Swirl chamber
Number of cylinders 1
Bore x stroke mm 85x87 88x96 92x96
Displacement L 0.493 0.583 0.638
Rated power kW{PS}/min-1 5.5(7.5)/2200 7.0(9.5)/2400 7.2(9.8)/2400
Maximun power kW{PS}/min-1 6.3(8.5)/2200 7.7(10.5)/2400 8.5(11.5)/2400
Engine weight (Dry) kg 93.5 108 109
Engine weight (Equipped) kg 107.5 123 124
PTO location/direction of rotation Flywheel/counterclockwise
Cooling system Liquid-cooled with radiator
Lubrication system Forced lubrication with trochoid pump
Starting system Manual starting system
Engine dimension length mm 704 784
height mm 505 530
width mm 376 377
Lubrication oil capacity L 2.2 2.8
Fuel tank capacity L 11.9
Cooling water capacity L 1.6 2.09
Balancer With 2-shaft balancer

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