SOLUTION 04 / No Downtime

Tackling industry inconveniences beforehand using machinery and ICT.

Remote Support Center
Data visualization of immense industry information and offering support by transforming what used to be reliant on long time experience and intuition into updated collective data. We not only add time of leisure by improving work performance, avoiding problems, and alleviating downtime, but also add safety in our everyday lives.


Devoted to add sustainability in our business

Agriculture, fishery, and construction are industries which support fundamental aspects of our lives, including infrastructure improvement. While critical in our everyday life, most of these industries are heavily reliant on experience and intuitions of those involved, adding risk in management as well as hazard in the work itself. To solve these issues, Yanmar made a head start in 1984 by launching a service to provide information communication technology. We are working towards building an evolving business where people can work with ease and safety by using both the hard and soft aspects of ICT data visualization. We aim to operate our business with sustainability by ensuring the least environmental impact while ensuring profitability.


Using collective data through ICT technology to apply logic and efficiency in the industry

As a pioneer in the ICT field, Yanmar started monitoring generators on remote islands as part of our energy business in 1984. Since then, we have ceaselessly promoted the development of ICT services in a wide range of businesses. Operation of agricultural and construction equipment as well as boats can be monitored through equipment of GPS and communication devices. To add, for boat engines which cannot risk breakdown during a long voyage, periodic maintenance is offered to prevent accidents before they happen. Data is collected at the Remote Support Center, where services are offered to prevent accidents before they happen and to allow seamless work possible for the customers. To add, the data collected are used to help improve business management.

INTERVIEW & FUTURETo create an enriched future with ample leisure and to support medium to long term outlook

We have been receiving positive feedback from our users. “It helps to be able to see data even from home. It is easy to use.” “I was surprised that an immediate phone call was made as soon as there was a problem with my equipment. Up until now, I had to make the call myself and wait for the representative to come and inspect before repair. The new service eliminates the downtime of the equipment by far.” Expectations are also high in helping plan medium to long term management, since stored data becomes useful when making plans for forecasts and measures. Reducing downtime of equipment as well as time spent on labor, including preparation of the daily labor report, leads to more time for leisure. It also leads to time possible for new ideas and activities with a future outlook. To add, utilizing historical data leads to mitigating management risk and instead, offering a place where people can work with peace of mind. We hope to protect all areas of land, sea, and city, so that we can help support yet another person working for a greater prosperity in the entire world.