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With more than 30 nationalities under one roof, we are a truly international company, where we welcome and appreciate you for who you are and what you can contribute to our Yanmar family. 

We aim to create an inclusive workplace based on respect and equality, whether that regards gender, race, religion, background, or any other difference. An organization where everyone feels comfortable and where diversity provides opportunities for people rather than setting boundaries. 

But who can describe better how it is like to work with us than our own people? Scroll down and find out what fuels their joy in work.

Our culture

We strongly support an open working atmosphere where you will have plenty of room to share ideas, think out of the box, develop your individual potential, and build better team performance.

You will notice that Yanmar people are passionate about the company, our products, and the corporate mission we all contribute to achieving a sustainable future for all. We love to go the extra mile for that. As individuals, but even more so as a team, where we help and empower each other to shine.

Our values

Efficiency, reliability, and innovation are the core values that reflect our products but also inspire our people in their work. They are the foundation on which we find new opportunities to improve every day, strive for higher quality and learn from each other.

Our objective is not so much to provide first-class products and services – for which Yanmar is recognized worldwide. Our objective is to provide first-class solutions with our products and service to overcome our customers’ problems and challenges today and in the future. That’s where our people, their values, and how they live their work make the difference.

Our benefits

We benefit from the many talents and multiple skills from people of all backgrounds, allowing us to stand out in what we achieve. Do you want to join us and give your best ? We are committed to do the same by giving you our best in return.

At Yanmar you will find a fascinating job in an enthusiastic team with friendly colleagues, modern employment conditions with an attractive benefits package, and plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

How do I see it?

Company culture
I really enjoy living and working in the Netherlands. The finances job is rewarding, and the friendly Dutch culture suits me perfectly.
Hajime Kuramitsu
Finance & Administration

Hajime Kuramitsu

Hajime Kuramitsu
What makes working for Yanmar so special?
It’s all about the communication between the European and Japanese cultures. Of course Yanmar is a global company, but the Japanese culture still exists. The Dutch are very direct and say if they think something is good or bad. The Japanese less so. By understanding each other’s culture, we can foster good communications and a smooth working relationship. Being a local Japanese person, I’m happy to be the bridge between the two.
What are you and your team currently working on?
Yanmar Europe is the Regional Headquarters (RHQ) for the EMEA region. We manage the cash and the group’s finances. We operate the lending to group companies. We check the cash requirements of each company branch and issue appropriate loans so that their business runs smoothly. Cash management is really important right now due to the interest rate situation. Reducing our exposure to cash reduces the impact of negative rates.
Why did you choose to work for Yanmar?
Before Yanmar, I worked for a bank. It was organised differently, with each department acting separately. It just wasn’t joined-up. I prefer the open management structure at Yanmar, it means everyone has closer relationships which makes inter-departmental projects far easier. You can see the bigger picture.
How is the relationship with Japanese expats?
Yanmar Europe has 13 expats (as of March 2023). No one at the company distinguishes between expats or locals. I often socialise with my colleagues after work. The expats are usually sent to the Netherlands for a period of 4 years, and they often come with all their family and integrate their kids in the international schools and local sports clubs. It is a great experience for all concerned as it offers the chance to exchange knowledge and experience other cultures.
Company culture
I still remember my first sales meeting and remember I was thinking “this is a great place to work”.
Raheel Aziz Ur Rab
Power Products

Raheel Aziz Ur Rab

Raheel Aziz Ur Rab
Can you describe your perfect working day?
The perfect working day is when I am able to successfully negotiate with head quarters and the client to solve everybody’s problems. That’s a very satisfying feeling for me.
What makes working for YANMAR special to you?
Yanmar presented a fantastic opportunity at the beginning of my career. The company has taught me a lot. It’s great to be able to talk to customers about the success we have had with new pioneering technology and the quality of our products.
Can you tell us something your colleagues don’t know about you?
Well, a lot of my colleagues won’t know that I have been familiar with Yanmar since I was a child. I saw Yanmar products in the field when I was growing up and this gave me the motivation to want to work for the company. I noticed how proud people were to own Yanmar products, how highly they spoke of them. It was amazing.
What are you and your team currently working on?
Currently we are working on transferring production of our top-selling products to a new facility in Europe. This is so we can optimise costs and significantly reduce the lead times to market.
What can you tell us about your team?
I have a very diversified and a fun team surrounding me. Having a good team keeps you motivated, relaxed and it really adds to the job satisfaction. They also ensure that I have the right attitude towards my work. I still remember my first sales meeting in which I saw the fun culture and remember I was thinking to myself that this is a great place to work. They are all very understanding, supportive and friendly people.
Do you go out for lunch or eat in the office?
I usually eat in the office and then go for a walk with my colleagues. However, every Friday we usually go and have lunch outside together.
Why did you choose to work for YANMAR?
Yanmar for me offers the best learning environment. Especially at YEU, with its amazing blend of Japanese qualities (such as product quality, discipline, thoughtful development, Kaizen, regular improvement, etc) and the Dutch commercial approach. This can teach an individual a lot. I’ve learned how to work precisely within a given time frame. Also, the diversified presence of Yanmar around the world was a very significant factor for me as I knew that I would get to meet a lot of new people and also get to travel at the same time.
Company culture
Yanmar is a very dynamic company, with great mix of different people and cultures.
Kim Mulder
Brand & Promotion

Kim Mulder

Kim Mulder
What makes working for Yanmar special to you ?
Yanmar is a very dynamic company, with great mix of different people and cultures. The many different business units with each different products and requirements make it an interesting combination. Next to this, I am also a Works Council member. This is an unique opportunity to deepen the involvement with YANMAR. You can represent your colleagues in all sorts of YANMAR related topics and acting as a spokesperson for improvement points, towards the Board of Directors.
Tell us something about your team?
I work in a small but dedicated marketing team. As we are working for the different business units within Yanmar Europe no day is the same. One moment you are working on an advertisement for engines, next you are planning an exhibition around tractors and for instance now we are creating a brand new website.
Why did you chose to work for Yanmar?
The combination of a technical no-nonsense company and an international working environment is what attracted me the most. As we are the Headquarters of Europe we have regular correspondence with other European countries, such as Germany, France, Norway, but we are also in close contact with colleagues in Japan. Next to this YANMAR offers very good opportunities for personal development.
Do you go out for lunch or eat in the office?
With a small group of colleagues we always go outside for a walk. It’s nice to speak with people from other departments as well, while enjoying lunch and fresh air.
Company culture
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