Life with Yanmar

At Yanmar, we believe in taking care of our employees, and in building strong links between our different sites, divisions and stakeholders. We also produce regular newsletters to help you stay informed about all the projects, events and other highlights of our EMEA division, whether on site or within our network.

The life of the company is punctuated by internal events which bring together all employees and sometimes their families too. These include our family day before the summer holidays, our end-of-year event, our twice-yearly "Townhalls", and our Open Days. Meetings like these are always well attended, and our employees tell us how much they appreciate and look forward to them.

In addition, we believe in listening to our employees and encouraging them to show initiative. For example, rewards are regularly given to employees who suggest ideas for improvement which are useful to the company.

Continuously improving working conditions is important to us, and we are always looking to update our Quality of Life at Work plan.

Promoting sport is also important to us. We have a running team which takes part in many local races. Cyclists working in any of our European bases also get together each summer to explore some of the most beautiful areas of our countries. Football lovers aren’t left out either – the group regularly organises a large global football tournament.

Both in France and Germany, Yanmar is a fixture in the local life of the cities and regions in which we operate, and our employees have the opportunity to participate in several community activities during the year.

As you can see, our company takes advantage of every opportunity to further strengthen our ties and those that unite us to this great family.