SmartAssist Remote

SmartAssist Remote is Yanmar’s new fleet management system, developed to provide complete visibility on equipment location and status using the latest advances in telematics technology. Available on select Yanmar machines, it provides real time information to give you unparalleled remote insight into your machines (via a PC or smartphone).


Real-time localisation

To be more reactive and act fast, you can monitor the location and the status of each machine. If one of them breaks down, the SA-R screen allows you to see precisely where the fault has occurred. It enables you to act quickly to provide the right solution to fix the problem. A geofencing system helps prevent theft or find stolen machines.

Vital information at a glance

Machines contain systems called Controller Area Networks, which are used to gather operational information. You will be informed in real time about :

  • Engine rpm
  • Function setting status
  • Error status
  • Fuel consumption
  • Operating hours

You can easily access a lot of data via your SA-R interface, searching by day or machine.

Work report

You can access the daily and monthly operating record of your machines. You can analyse working hours, travel distance and fuel consumption.
Calendar allows you to choose a specific day and access to details of that day (fuel consumption, operation content and work location). In the work records, you can input work details and remarks about machines. The records can be reviewed precisely when needed.

Team management

SA-R offers the possibility to manage your team of operators. Only an assigned operator will have access to SA-R interface. This feature is particularly useful for rental companies. Through detailed monitoring and thorough analysis, SmartAssist Remote ensures optimum performance and provides useful maintenance information, allowing dealers and end users to maximize their work potential.


When an abnormality occurs on a machine, an e-mail notification is sent to you or your dealer (if requested at the registration). Error type, error time and error location are detailed in the message. It is easier to provide a swift response and consequently minimize downtime. Progress can be followed and a history kept for the future to solve any issues faster next time.


With SmartAssist Remote, your dealer can keep a record of your maintenance and periodic inspection information. You can be proactive and organize enhanced servicing. When clicking on the maintenance status, it is possible to know which part requires replacement.
This is very useful to:

  • anticipate spare parts orders
  • allocate the machines between different jobsites
  • win time, and keep your machines ready for work


Be organised

Accurate hours monitoring and service maintenance reminders and real time location data help plan maintenance and optimize your fleet.

Be proactive

Monitoring of machine hours and technical information helps you plan maintenance operations and react faster to machine failures. Your machine is running at maximum efficiency, improving its productivity.

Be informed

Utilization tracking allows the operator to make decisions based on actual equipment use, to schedule maintenance operations and to save maintenance costs.

Be relaxed

The location of your machine is updated every 30’ and geofencing alerts tell you when it moves out of selected areas. SA-R helps you keep your machine safe and secure and gives you full confidence.


SmartAssist Remote