• Training Centers

    Yanmar offers innovative professional training on any of our machines at our dedicated French or German centers.

Yanmar instructors are always in close touch with Yanmar departments and component suppliers, ensuring training is comprehensive and right up to date. We also support our dealers’ personnel with know-how and a strong focus on service.

Our dealers are themselves trained on use and effective maintenance of Yanmar machines by our skilled instructors to ensure they offer you the best possible service. Our extensive network means there will always be someone close to you ready to offer fast, reliable assistance.

Five facts about our training centres

  • Around 700 people trained each year
  • Qualified and expert instructors speaking 6 languages
  • Fully equipped classrooms with IT devices and real machine parts
  • Workshops with real machines to perform adjustments and controls
  • Outdoor demonstration area to test machines in real conditions

Our Training

Administrative training

This training is for Yanmar new dealers and their staff. It shows how to use the tools and solutions Yanmar offer to optimize cost-efficient use of our machines, thereby making maintenance quicker and easier, and extending machines’ working life.

Technical training

We train our own technicians as well as our distributors in the fields of maintenance, diagnostics and repairs. This is in order to guarantee our customers professional service at all times and to ensure you receive targeted and rapid assistance in case of problems.

Our Centers

Our two training centers in France and Germany are adjacent to our production facilities and are easily accessible from anywhere in mainland Europe:

  • Bettancourt-la-Ferrée , North-East France, located near the Saint-Dizier factory
  • Rothenburg, South Germany, located near the Crailsheim factory