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Crafting St Lars’ schoolyard splendor

March 12, 2024
Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA

St Lars, Lund is getting a makeover! Earthworks contractor PAMAB is on a mission to breathe new life into the area’s schoolyards through artistic stone floor features. Their canvas? The ground. Their brush? The elegantly engineered Yanmar CE EMEA V100-5 wheel loader

In the St Lars neighborhood of Lund, a vibrant hub of learning with over 3,200 students, an exciting transformation is underway. With help from its trusty Yanmar CE EMEA (Yanmar CE) V100-5 wheel loader, local contractor PAMAB is working on adding some artistic flair to a schoolyard by laying a natural stone garden patio.

To chisel their vision into a stone-cladded reality, there is much work and planning to be done. The V100-5 is being used to transport and distribute essential materials like gravel, sand, and the stones themselves to the site. After preparing the area, the layer of gravel will later be spread and compacted to create a solid foundation for the stones; followed by a layer of sand to assist in levelling and setting the stones into place. But PAMAB’s priority isn’t just moving and laying materials – but rather weaving safety into every move.

With such a high concentration of young learners around the project’s urban location, meticulously safe operation is paramount. “The large windows on the V100-5 offer really great visibility, meaning we can operate the unit as safely as possible and with total peace of mind”, says Martin Persson, who runs PAMAB together with his brother Magnus Persson.

The Yanmar CE unit also has opening doors on each side of the cabin, allowing Persson to communicate with his team effectively to further ramp up teamwork and safety. Combined with its compact dimensions (measuring just 2,765 mm high, 1,850 mm wide and 5,320 mm long), the V100-5's enhanced design showcases the unit’s adaptability in sensitive and dynamic urban educational setting.

“Thanks to its spacious cabin, it feels like a much larger machine than it actually is; with good visibility and all the functions you could possibly need.” continues Martin. “We opted for wider tires and fenders because we often drive on grass surfaces that can be wet. Plus, its top-tier environmental classification allows us to operate seamlessly in Lund's eco-conscious areas.”

Trusted partnerships

PAMAB, with its pillars of construction, maintenance and earthworks, was founded in 2011 when the Persson brothers merged their businesses. Their ethos? Satisfied customers and enduring relationships through exceptional work. Choosing Yanmar CE was a decision born out of careful market analysis and a strong relationship with Wiklund Trading, Yanmar CE’s dedicated dealer in Sweden.

"We to go with Yanmar CE after extensive trials, and due to the unmatched support from Wiklund Trading," shares Martin. The proximity of PAMAB's facility to Wiklund's headquarters (only 10 minutes apart, in Svalöv and Fabriksvägen, respectively) and their long-standing relationship underscores a partnership built on trust and shared values. “We’ve known the team for many, many years, and know we can depend on them for support” adds Magnus.

A bright future for St Lars

On-site at the schoolyard, and after months without rain, clouds of dust swirl when machine driver Anders Johansson tips the load of gravel out of the bucket. As the stones are laid and the garden takes shape, St Lars is set to unveil a space that will inspire and delight for generations to come.

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