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ProPlant and Yanmar CE: a decade of testing and proving versatility

June 24, 2024
Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA

Warwickshire-based plant and tool hire specialist, ProPlant, celebrates 25 years of exceptional customer service; while also marking a decade of successful partnership with Yanmar CE EMEA.

For a quarter of a century, ProPlant has remained a stalwart in Warwickshire’s plant and tool hire landscape. Since becoming an official partner of Yanmar Compact Equipment (Yanmar) in 2014, it’s safe to say that the versatility of its machinery fleet has been put through the test. From being hoisted over the quaint cottage rooftops of Shakespeare’s hometown in Stratford-Upon-Avon; to proving their mettle against rain, snow and smog-laden scrapyards.
The resilience of the Yanmar equipment is most evident in its near-total dominance in ProPlant’s offerings, notably the Sv08-1C mini excavator and the C08 tracked carrier, which are often rented together for their synergistic benefits in small-scale construction and landscaping projects. This selection caters primarily to local builders and landscapers, though a significant portion of ProPlant’s clientele includes domestic users – particularly evident during the recent global pandemic when DIY projects surged.
"When the world ran out of gin, people turned to transforming their backyards," quips Robin Eardley, Director of ProPlant. “Every man and their dog were working from home during lockdown and wanted to take charge of their own projects. We guided operators on exactly how to handle these machines, taught them a few tricks of the trade, and off they went. It was good fun for us and our customers, and nice to be able to bring some joy and sense of community in what were challenging and often isolating times”.
Rural adventures
ProPlant's strategic focus on compact, versatile equipment continues to attract attention from avid DIYers into the present day, highlighting the enduring need for operator-friendly, robust machinery that meets a diverse range of customer needs. The Sv08-1C, with its ability to squeeze through narrow doorways and its minimal ground pressure, ensures it can operate in sensitive or cramped conditions without disrupting the site. The impressive compactness of the Yanmar C08 tracked dumper, with its narrow 810 - 835 mm width, similarly makes it ideal for confined spaces such as gardens and even for indoor jobs; and is packed with all kinds of features designed to make the operator’s life easier.
“Thanks to their compact size, both the Sv08-1C and the C08 can easily fit onto the back of a trailer behind a transit; removing any need for us to deliver the units commercially.” explains Robin. This is especially ideal for the rural areas ProPlant caters to, which are laden with single-track roads and narrow country lanes; often unsuitable to traverse with larger commercial vehicles.
A decade of success
Celebrating ten years with the Sv08-1C mini excavator, ProPlant has now doubled down on this ultra-compact powerhouse. With a dozen now stationed at their Bidford-on-Avon site,
these machines are known for popping up in the most unexpected places. Even when there is no side entry for the machines to slip into – which is often the case with listed properties and cottages in the rural surrounding areas - all hope is not lost. Thanks to the Sv08-1C's trim operating weight of 1035 kg, combined with its class-leading stability and low ground pressure, the small yet mighty machines can be hoisted up onto rooftops and safely lowered into customer’s gardens. "These mini excavators are adept at navigating challenges that would stump larger equipment”, explains Robin, “including in the tightest of spots and in locations where traditional entry is impossible”.
The durability of these machines is not just seen in their ability to withstand the daily grind but also in their financial return. "They survive the harshest conditions – truly a testament to their build and endurance, and maintain their value over time," Robin explains. This durability is critical for long-term hires, such as those at local scrap yards, where two Sv08-1C's are currently fitted with a grading bucket and working tirelessly at removing excess metals from beneath production lines; proving the model to be indispensable in managing waste and debris under challenging conditions.
As ProPlant looks to the future, the celebration is twofold: marking both a milestone in business and a reaffirmation of the strong relationship with Yanmar. "Our journey has been one of immense dedication and partnership. We trust in the robustness and quality of Yanmar machinery and the comprehensive support from local dealer, Johnston Plant; the support and expertise the dealership offers is truly faultless.” shares Robin. He also credits ProPlant’s ongoing success to the invaluable support from family, those who guided Robin along his 25-year adventure at ProPlant, and of course its loyal customers.
As Robin reflects on the past 25 years, his vision for ProPlant is clear, "All the hard work has paid off; the missed holidays and sleepless nights and premature grey hairs,” he grins. “We’ve built something that not only withstands the test of time but also adapts and excels, no matter the challenge. We are looking forward to many more years of successful projects and strong partnerships."

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