Reliable marine engines for fishing ships

Yanmar understands the importance of reliable and high-performance engines for commercial fishing vessels. With our top-quality engines, we ensure superior performance, durability and efficiency. Choose from our environmentally conscious and economical line-up, tailored to the vessel type and specific usage requirements.

Reliable & Uptime

Our commercial marine engines ensure unparalleled reliability, minimizing downtime and maximizing fishing vessel productivity. With meticulous engineering and rigorous testing, Yanmar marine engines deliver uninterrupted performance in the harshest conditions, providing peace of mind to shipowners and operators.

Performance & Durability

Experience unmatched performance and power with our engines tailored for fishing vessels. Built to withstand exacting demands, Yanmar marine engines deliver optimal thrust, exceptional fuel efficiency and long-lasting durability, ultimately increasing the life cycle value of the fishing vessel.


With a customer-centric approach, we go beyond engine provision. Our dedicated team ensures personalized attention, comprehensive after-sales support and technical expertise throughout the vessel’s lifespan. Experience a brand that is genuinely involved in maritime success, always prioritizing customer satisfaction.

With a focus on personalization and attention to detail, Yanmar commercial marine works closely with ship designers, shipbuilders and fishing industry shipowners to understand their unique requirements and tailor engines and gensets accordingly.

Success stories

Yanmar powers the MS Stødig

Propulsion comes courtesy of a Yanmar 6EY22AW rated at 1,370 at 900RPM. The vessel’s overall length (LOA) is 39 meters and her width is 12 meters. Shipyard: Karstensens Shipyard Hull 467. Designer: Karstensens Shipyard

Commercial Marine Engines
Ro Senja to start work in Norway

“Although being quite similar to her sisters Ro Vision and Ro Venture, like them, she is, in fact, unique, being adapted for her client and its operational profile, and new equipment has been installed on board. She is specially designed for delicing operations and aims to achieve the best possible fish welfare.”

Commercial Marine Engines
Yanmar powers the Orca Yka

Following the official naming ceremony at the shipyard Larsnes Mek. Verksted AS on March 26th, the MV Orca Yka is on her way to South America to meet her new owner Naviera Orca Chile SA, where she’ll be operating out of the port of Puerto Mont.

Commercial Marine Engines
Wellboat with Yanmar gensets starts work

After passing her technical inspection, the wellboat Gåsø Høvding has gone into service. Build by Sefine Shipyard in Turkey according to a Møre Maritime design, the vessel is operating in Norwegian waters where she’s transporting and processing fish.

Empowering the fishing industry

Yanmar proudly delivers engines, exceeding standard of ship designers, shipbuilders and fishing industry ship owners.

For ship designers

Yanmar empowers fishing ship designers with comprehensive power solutions and engines. Partnering with Yanmar ensures tailored, reliable engines for optimal performance, delivering exceptional solutions that increase productivity and efficiency to satisfy customers.

For shipbuilders

Yanmar offers reliable and high-performance engines to fishing shipbuilders. With seamless integration, optimized power and enhanced vessel capabilities, Yanmar engines ensure successful project completion, customer satisfaction and superior performance.

For shipowners

Yanmar delivers dependable and efficient engine solutions to fishing shipowners. With increased reliability, improved fuel efficiency and overall vessel excellence, Yanmar engines guarantee successful fishing operations, maximizing profitability for shipowners and operators.

Efficient medium speed engine solutions for shipping

Medium speed marine propulsion engines

Our propulsion engines are purpose-built to provide reliable power for fishing ships. Designed with the utmost precision and attention to detail, these engines offer the performance and durability necessary for the demanding conditions during fishing operations.

With a power range of 374 kW to 4500 kW, our engines ensure optimal thrust and efficiency, allowing fishing ships to navigate smoothly and safely. Explore our range of propulsion engines.


Medium speed marine generator sets

Power generation is a critical aspect of fishing ship operations and our marine generator sets are specifically engineered to meet those needs. These auxiliary diesel engines excel in delivering reliable and efficient power on board fishing ships.

With generator capacities ranging from 180 kWe to 4600 kWe, our sets ensure a consistent power supply to support electrical demands, enabling the seamless operation of essential systems and equipment.


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