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Yanmar Racing won the overall victory in the Grand Prix series for the year

January 30, 2023
Yanmar Europe B.V.

Since 2018, Yanmar has been participating in the international dragon class sailing race with its own team, Yanmar Racing (YR). We are building a network of sailing enthusiasts.

Yanmar Racing participated in the International Dragon Class "PUERTO PORTALS DRAGON GRAND PRIX", held in Spain from November 16th to 18th and the "PUERTO PORTALS EUROPEAN GRAND PRIX FINAL", held in Spain from November 19th to 20th. They finished 3rd overall and 4th overall.

In addition, YR won the overall victory of the “2022 Grand Prix Series”, which competes with the results of the “Grand Prix Grade” of the 2022 season races! This is YR's first achievement since participating in the "International Dragon Class". We were able to spread the name of Yanmar in the European sailing scene, where many corporate executives and wealthy people gather, showing stable performance throughout the year.

Results of Yanmar Racings participation in 2022 competition

Bold text is the race for the Grand Prix series

● Mar 2 - Mar 5: Cannes Grand Prix (Cannes, France) [Result: 1st place]
● Mar 17 - Mar 20: Italian Dragon Championship (San Remo, Italy) [Result: 2nd]
● Apr 4 - Apr 9: European Championship (San Remo, Italy) [Result: 8th]
● Jun 12 - Jun 18: World Championship (Kühlungsborn, Germany) [Result: 6th]
● Aug 13 - Aug 16: Belgian Open Championship (Ostend, Belgium) [Result: 2nd]
● Aug 21 - Aug 26: YANMAR Gold Cup (Ostend, Belgium) [Result: 4th]
● Oct 12 - Oct 15: Port Camargue Grand Prix (France, Port Camargue) [Result: 5th place]
● Nov 15 - Nov 18: Puerto Portals Dragon Grand Prix (Parma, Spain) [Result: 3rd place]
● Nov 19 - Nov 20: Puerto Portals European Grand Prix Final (Parma, Spain) [Result: 4th place]

Members of Yanmar Racing Team

Yanmar Racing consists of well-experienced crews and young people.

Mr. Peter Gilmore (center of the photo): A skipper who plays the role of playmaker, and an experienced veteran who has been active in major races around the world, including the America's Cup. A legend in the sailing world.

Mr. Sam Gilmore (photo right): Newcomer who is also active in the World Match Racing Tour. He is also the second son of skipper Peter Gilmore.

Mr. Yasuhiro Taniji (left photo): Team director who has participated in world-class yacht races for many years, starting with the America's Cup.

Yanmar will continue to contribute to marine culture and build relationships in the sailing world through Yanmar Racing activities.


Sports Business Office, Yanmar Holdings
Mr. Tatsuhiko Kuroyanagi

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