14 YANMAR 6EY17W Engines for Icelandic fishing industry

YANMAR Europe has secured the contract with Norwegian shipbuilder Vard Holdings Limited (“VARD”) for the delivery of 14 x 6EY17W engines, two engines per vessel. The final power rating verification tests for the engines have been completed in the testing facility of YANMAR Europe in Almere. The engines will be installed on a series of seven new fishing trawlers to be built in Norway and delivered to four Icelandic fisheries in 2019. The first ship has already been delivered and is at sea, after its launch on Thursday 11 July. Mid-July she arrived in Iceland.

Made to custom in Almere

Eric Tigelaar, Department Manager at YANMAR Marine says: “We are delighted that VARD has chosen YANMAR as the main engines for their new vessels. In line with their general requirements in terms of power, durability, safety, efficiency and crew comfort, we were able to deliver the right engines from our test bench facility in Almere on time with the agreed schedule and fully certified for the Icelandic market.” The engines were manufactured in Japan and completed in the European regional headquarters in Almere. “The whole project has been carried out successfully because of close co-operation between all parties: shipowner, shipyard, distributors, service agents and YANMAR. Great project, great co-operation. Thanks to all.”

Dedicated teamwork

Another sincere thank you to the engine specialists from the Commercial Marine team in Almere. They put at least two of the YANMAR Guiding Principles into practice, namely ‘Focus on the Customer’and ‘Imagine and Do’, leaving a strong mark on the success of this project.


Vard Holdings Limited in Norway is one of the major global designers and shipbuilders of specialised vessels. The new trawlers, measuring 29 by 12 meters, are designed and constructed according to an innovative concept with high demands on safety, efficiency and comfort for the crew. They are equipped with the latest technology and are constructed and outfitted by Vard Aukra in Norway for deliveries in 2019.

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