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January 16, 2024
Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA

Two Yanmar ViO38-6 mini-excavators, supported by a ViO57-6B mini-excavators, are used continuously inside the collection, sorting and storage facility of the Italian Inerti Cavozza, a Parma-based company specializing in environmental services and waste disposal

Founded in 1975 as a company active in the supply of inert materials for construction and in trucking services for third parties, Inerti Cavozza is today an ideal partner for companies, businesses and individuals who want careful, professional and certified management of their waste, safely and with total respect for the environment, keeping track of the material from producer to consignee. “Our goal," explains Alfredo Cavozza, owner of the company based in Sorbolo (Parma - Italy), “is to provide companies with a single interlocutor for the provision of services dedicated to the proper treatment of waste. Professionalism, punctuality and quality of the services provided are our strengths, as evidenced also by the presence, among our clients, of important companies active in the area. The company philosophy is summarized in our slogan 'We turn waste into a resource while respecting the environment.'"

Waste disposal and recovery
Waste from construction demolition is sorted, crushed and screened in order to obtain recycled stabilized, a second raw material (End of Waste) ideal for the construction market, for road sub-bases and filling works, but the collection, selection and storage plant in Sorbolo allows for a comprehensive and effective management of the processes that affect the entire waste cycle: characterization, selective collection, separation, pretreatment, volumetric reduction, internal handling and securing of the material.
"The waste arriving at the plant," confirms Alfredo Cavozza, "is sorted, differentiated by type, processed and stored in special areas awaiting its final destination, which can be for recovery or disposal. In order to carry out our activity, we make use of a large fleet of vehicles, consisting of trucks, tractor-trailers, special vehicles equipped with tipping or roll-off systems for multi-benchers, trucks with cranes, trailers, compactors, vertical presses, vans and work vehicles. Among them, to untangle the tight spaces within the plant and - equipped mainly with standard or ‘grapple’ type buckets to handle waste for sorting or storage - we use three Yanmar-branded zero tail swing ('zero tail swing') mini-excavators, two ViO38-6 and one ViO57-6B, purchased from the RMC dealer from Piacenza."

Triple satisfaction
There are several reasons that led Inerti Cavozza to choose the three Yanmar machines to carry out their activity, but the element that allowed them to beat the competition is highlighted by Alfredo Cavozza: "We carefully examined all the models available on the market that could be suitable for our activity, which forces the machines to work not in particulary heavy areas but for many hours a day. Activities that therefore subject the vehicles to continuous stress. The choice fell on the three Yanmar mini-excavators because they are the only ones that have proven to have a hydraulic system that is up to the task and capable of not overheating during the long hours of daily work to which the machines are subjected.This was the main element of selection, naturally associated with other peculiarities that we took into account, such as the compactness, comfort and ease of operation assured to our operators, who have to work for many hours non-stop, as well as the ViPPS hydraulic circuit, which provides a hydraulic distributor capable of 'intelligent' management of pump delivery optimizing the performance of the machine and ensuring smooth and simultaneous movements, the reliability of the Stage V engine and its electronic controls, and of course the stability guaranteed by the 'X' shaped undercarriage with box sections, which is particularly high in these machines."

Dealer and consultant
Of course, a key role in the choice of suitable equipment to meet Inerti Cavozza's needs was played by RMC, a Yanmar dealer in Piacenza, an important road and rail hub in northern Italy, which is now a point of reference in the Italian earthmoving scene and is heading toward its 30th year in business. The company is led by brothers Gabriele and Lorenzo Fermi and ensures a reliable sales and rental service of machines in its areas of expertise (Piacenza, Parma, Cremona and Pavia), as well as a used equipment and spare parts business supported by a repair shop and an ever-expanding computerized warehouse capable of keeping in stock-and supplying customers within 24 hours-over 40,000 items. Overall, there are more than 300,000 items that can be sent from RMC within 48 hours and nearly 5 million parts handled, an activity supported by an e-commerce service that can be accessed from "Besides of course considering the quality of the Yanmar machines marketed, we also relied on RMC for the ability of its team to prove to be a true sales 'consultant,' reliable and close-knit, who has always supported us in the pre- and post-sales phases with courtesy, dynamism and pleasure in finding the most suitable solutions to our needs, as in the case of the purchase of these three mini-excavators, which are proving to be effective and reliable partners on a daily basis," explains Alfredo Cavozza.

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