Choose an operational lease to get the Yanmar machines you want, and benefit from flexible payment terms and optional agreement extension.

With a Yanmar operational lease, you get the equipment you want in return for a regular rental fee. Once the leasing period is over, you can either extend the agreement or return the machine(s).
You can also opt for further additional services such as insurance, equipment servicing and maintenance.
This all-in-one solution gives you total budget control and makes your forecasting and administration tasks more straightforward as well.


  • Loans can be from 18 to 84 months, depending on the machine(s) you are buying and the financial solution you choose.
  • Residual value is defined according to the expected second-hand value at the end of the lease contract (based on the market/machines).
  • Payments can be monthly, quarterly or twice a year, depending on what you are buying and the financial solution you choose.
  • All-risks loan insurance is available.


  • You benefit from a contract that includes flexible financing plus added-value services such as maintenance and insurance included in the lease.
  • You gain better control of your budgets and predictable budget forecasting.
  • The solution focuses on the cost of use rather than the cost of ownership.
  • This flexible approach also comes with the possibility of contract extension.

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