• Total Cost of Ownership

Machine purchase price, cost of interest and resale price are the most important elements that come to mind when thinking about Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), but they’re not the only ones. Via predictive and corrective maintenance, a large stock of parts and professional service programmes, Yanmar can help you keep direct and indirect operating costs to a minimum.

The key to achieving this goal is our three-tier partner network of users, manufacturer and dealers. What defines our TCO approach and ensures excellent business relationships is following up our global analysis with best practice methodology.

Reduced operating costs and high residual value

Reliability and robustness are two key characteristics of Yanmar machines. From the high quality of components through to unique features such as the fully protected boom, arm and blade cylinders, as well as X-shaped undercarriage and steel covers, Yanmar machines are designed to be durable and reliable.

They are designed to keep working, with easy daily maintenance and service intervals reduced to a minimum to reduce downtime. As a leading diesel engine manufacturer, our innovative engines also ensure low fuel consumption.

Operating costs are thus reduced to a minimum, while our reputation for premium machines means they have a very high residual value.

Keeping your business on track

With SmartAssist Remote (SAR), you not only have the ability to collect and store data from your equipment remotely, but you can also take advantage of this information. You can see how your equipment behaves in the field and identify any aspects that need improvement. Some telematics providers only provide GPS location data.

While this feature can come in handy for knowing where your drivers are currently, it does little to improve your overall business and its future success. That’s why with SAR, we also provide motor diagnostics and machine behaviour data. Together with our reporting and analysis tools, you can identify and correct any issues to keep your business on track.

By your side throughout the lifecycle of your machine

From the purchase of your machine until its resale, we are there every step of the way providing high quality services to make sure that you get the most out of your investment. Via financing solutions that adapt to your needs, comprehensive and effective warranty programmes and efficient used-equipment solutions, our services are designed to give you maximum control over your operating costs and improve resale opportunities and values.

Throughout the service life of your machine, our dealer network is there to maintain your machine in the best possible way. Experienced and professional, they are available to respond to your needs quickly.