Type Conventional Tail
Operating Weight 2740 kg
Width 1550 mm
Digging Depth 2595 - 2845 mm
  • Agriculture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • Landscaping

Discover first-class performance in a surprisingly compact package, perfect for urban work and landscaping, even in the most challenging of environments. Excellent stability and low ground pressure ensures efficiency on all types of terrain while decreasing soil degradation. The largest cab in its class and clever design delivers real operator comfort, while an advanced hydraulic system offers fast performance with real control. A complete protection system boosts durability, and fuel consumption is remarkably low as well.

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Specifications SV26
Weight Transport weight 2525 kg (canopy) / 2665 kg (cabin)
Operating Weight 2600 kg (canopy) / 2740 kg (cabin)
Engine Type 3TNV82A-BPBVA
Fuel Diesel
Net Power 17.6 kW / 23.9 HP / 2400 rpm
Gross Power 18.1 kW / 24.8 HP / 2400 rpm
Displacement 1.331 l
Max Torque 85.5 N.m. / 1400 rpm
Starter 2,3 kW
Battery 12 V – 56 Ah
Alternator 12 V - 40 A
Hydraulic System Maximum Pressure 210 bars
Working Pump 2 double piston pump with variable flow / 1 gear pump / 1 gear pump trochoid
Max Flow 2 x 32,4 l/min / 21,6 l/min / 10,8 l/min
Hydraulic Tank 25,2 l
Performance Travel speed 2,9 / 4,8 km/h
Rotation Speed 10.2 rpm
Digging Force (arm) 14.5 kN / 12.7 kN (with long arm)
Digging Force (bucket) 24,5 kN
Traction Force 37 kN
Noise level (2000/14/CE & 2005/88/CE) 76 dB(A) / 94 dB(A) (LwA)
Fuel Tank 38,5 l


Dimensions SV26
A Overall length 4250 / 4295* mm
B Overall height 2435 mm
C Overall width 1550 mm
D Length of track on ground 1550 mm
E Undercarriage length 2030 mm
F Lane 1250 mm
G Track width 300 mm
H Overall blade width 1550 mm
I Overall blade height 290 mm
J Blade distance 1380 mm
K Max. blade height above the ground 300 mm
L Max. lowering blade depth 350 mm
M Minimum ground clearance 320 mm
Dimensions SV26
N Max. digging depth - Blade lifted 2595 / 2845 * mm
O Max. digging depth - Blade lowered 2735 / 2995 * mm
P Max. digging reach on ground 4400 / 4580 * mm
Q Max. digging reach 4510 / 4695 * mm
R Max vertical wall 2245 / 2455 * mm
S Max. dumping height 2835 / 2995 * mm
T Max. cutting height 3995 / 4130 * mm
U Boom swinging base to left 45°
V Boom swinging base to right 75°
W Arm length 1150 / 1400 * mm
X Minimum front swing radius 1900 / 1960 * mm
Y Minimum front swing radius with boom swing 1600 / 1655 * mm
Z Rear swing radius 1160 mm

* With long arm.



The SV26 benefits from a conventional structure with reduced tail overhang, which gives it increased lifting performance and stability in even the most challenging of work environments. In addition, a long track base adds to digging stability and lifting capacity, while the wide 300 mm tracks give excellent traction. An additional rear counterweight of 100 kg is available as an option, protecting against possible shocks and friction against walls when using heavy attachments such as a tiltrotator.


This excavator boasts the largest cab in its class, the spacious interior and generous legroom allowing for maximum freedom of movement and ensuring more comfort and less fatigue for the operator. The entrance is correspondingly large as well, providing easy cab access and exit. A lot of thought has gone into the interior architecture and operator positioning. All controls are placed to the right hand side for easy access, while a digital panel provides operator and maintenance overviews.


The SV26 delivers superb performance for its size. It’s ideal for urban work and for landscaping, even in heavy-duty environments. Its low ground pressure provides excellent efficiency on all types of terrain and decreases soil degradation. Heavy-duty 38 mm bucket pins help give extra power, ensuring excellent tearing and digging force as required. Overall, its excavation strength and work cycles ensures excellent productivity while still respecting the environment.


The SV26 features a ViPPS hydraulic system. This is a hydraulic circuit with power summation regulation equipped with two variable flow piston pumps, a gear pump and a multiple combination directional control valve. With this progressive three-pump system, each pump engages automatically depending on the operation being performed, providing greater ease of use for the operator. The cumulative flow of the pumps also allows for faster work with smooth and simultaneous operations, even while travelling.


The SV26 consumes less than four litres of fuel per working hour. This miserly consumption can be reduced even further by installing an optional auto-idling system which turns down the engine speed to idle when the machine has not been used for more than four seconds. As soon as the driver is ready to resume, the direct-injection diesel engine quickly accelerates back to full power, ensuring no loss of productivity.


The machine benefits from the Yanmar Full Protect feature – a unique complete protection system governing all its boom and arm cylinders. Cylinder tubes and rods are safeguarded by a spring type steel plate, which reduces drastically the total cost of ownership of the SV26. In addition, the engine bonnet is protected by counterweight from potential damage, while components and daily maintenance points are accessible easily due to the conventional design of the machine. The cabin also meets all FOPS, ROPS and TOPS requirements, providing a safe workplace for operators across every jobsite.



  • Steel crawlers 250mm
  • Long arm (+250mm)
  • Proportional 3rd & 4th circuits with potentiometers
  • Clamshell bucket circuit (not compatible with 4th hydr. circuit)
  • Hydraulic quick hitch line 150 – 165 bar
  • Flat face hydraulic quick connectors 3rd circuit
  • Auto idle
  • Additional counterweight (+100 kg)
  • Standard biodegradable oil
  • 2 front LED working lights
  • 1 rear LED work light + 1 LED flashing rotary
  • 1 LED flashing rotary
  • Beacon light with magnetic base


  • Vinyl seat
  • Textile seat premium
  • Premium Vinyl seat
  • Radio
  • Central greasing


  • 3 safety valves with welded ring on the bucket link
  • Lifting certificate (only for France)
  • Trackunit ME501 with GPS anti-theft device
  • Travel alarm
  • Special paint