Output 14.1 kW
rpm 3600 rpm

TNV/TNM Engine Power Pack:
A Complete Package of Yanmar Technologies

Yanmar was founded in 1912 and develo ped the world’s first commercially compact diesel engine in 1933.
The technical innovation has kept o n flowering ever since, making Yanmar a perpetual leader in diesel technology.
The TNV/TNM Power Pack is designed to meet diverse user needs and market requirements. The compact but powerful, reliable Power Pack p rovides durable performance, high quality and versatility, while keeping the fuel efficiency and enviro nmental f riendliness. It makes the installation and maintenance simple and user-f riendly.
Two basis specifications with Power Pack series are available;
Group A p rovides multi- purpose usage with a wide range of industrial equipment including gensets.
Group B is tailor-made for generator applicatio ns. The Yanmar TNV/TNM Power Pack series integrate Yanmar’s o riginal diesel engines technologies in an easy-to-use package.


Genepack A (-GA, HA)

Models 3TNM68
-GA, -HA
Length mm 751
Width mm 474
Height mm 668
Weight kg 132

Induspack (-AS)

Models 3TNM68
Length mm 751
Width mm 474
Height mm 668
Weight kg 132


Models 3TNM68
Type Vertical cylinder 4-cycle water cooled diesel engine
Combustion Indirect injection
Aspiration NA
No. of cylinders 3
Cyl. bore x stroke [mm] 68X72
Displacement [ lit. ] 0.784
Direction of rotation Counterclockwise
Cool ing system Radiator
Lubricatio n system Forced lubrication by trochoid pump
Start ing system Starting motor (D.C. 12V)

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