Magnum Marine 40 Motorboat Adriana Undergoes a Repower of Two YANMAR 6LF530 Diesel Engines

Certified YANMAR dealer Motonáutica Balear, Mallorca, completes the installation of two YANMAR 6LF530 diesel engines on Magnum Marine 40 motorboat Adriana to raise performance to a new level

State-of-The-Art Technology

Demonstrating the dramatic transformation delivered by a YANMAR repower, the Adriana speeds across the water – smoothly, quietly and efficiently. The outstanding results of this milestone project, the first installation of the new YANMAR 6LF diesel engines in Europe, are certain to create a more pleasurable experience for everyone onboard.

Struggling with poor performance and fuel consumption due to two decades-old engines, the Magnum 40 motorboat was an ideal candidate for repowering to incorporate the latest state-of-the-art technology and raise the boat’s value.

Compact and Powerful

Certified YANMAR dealer Motonáutica Balear, in Mallorca, carried out the installation of two of the advanced high horsepower YANMAR 6LF530 models, improving the vessel’s speed, increasing fuel-efficiency, decreasing noise and streamlining its navigation systems.

The new compact and powerful, high horsepower 6LF engines introduce yet another YANMAR repower option to revive your vessel and achieve significant economic and performance benefits.

With the largest sales and service network in the marine industry, covering over 130 countries worldwide, YANMAR also offers unrivaled local dealer support and genuine spare parts supply.

Explore The Solution Package

6LY-CR Series

YANMAR’s 8LV is a compact power plant with an extremely efficient and versatile design. The V8 common rail configuration allows for a balanced and quiet running engine with twin turbos to deliver a faster acceleration response.

6LY440 front right

Repower with YANMAR

Installing a new, technologically advanced YANMAR engine will instantly breathe new life into your boat.


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