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A message from Taro Kitamura

YANMAR is a name trusted throughout the marine industry. As a company with a century-long engine manufacturing tradition, our proud heritage as an established and influential presence in the world’s prominent boating markets is a deep source of honor for all of us.

For YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL, the driving ambition to build on our history and achievements remains uncompromised. We are committed to continually stimulating the company’s growth …

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Brand Statement

Proven Marine Technology

A leading supplier of innovative engines and technology-driven marine propulsion systems, YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL (YMI) supplies the world’s cleanest, most efficient, reliable and durable diesel engines for the recreational sector – both sailboats and powerboats – and light duty commercial applications. Its trusted range of common rail marine diesel engines encompass an output range from 40 mhp to 640 mhp, the most comprehensive offering available from any marine engine manufacturer. Committed to the development of advanced technology for the best and most sustainable solutions to meet the evolving needs of boat owners and OEMs, YMI’s mission is to enhance the entire boating experience for all its customers. YMI continues to grow its network of service centers worldwide and build on its enviable reputation as a complete systems provider and marine industry ambassador with new partnerships, co-operations and investment.

Based in the Netherlands, YMI is incorporated within YANMAR’s global operations, spanning seven business domains on land and at sea. With its beginnings in Osaka, Japan in 1912, YANMAR went on to become the first company to succeed in making a compact diesel engine of practical size in 1933. With industrial diesel engines as the cornerstone of the business, YANMAR has continued to expand its range of products, services and expertise to deliver total solutions as a diesel engine and equipment manufacturer, providing small and large engines, agricultural machinery and facilities, construction equipment, energy systems, marine engines, machine tools, and components.

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Legendary Innovation

Over 100 years of innovation from the inventors of the modern diesel engine with enduring, dedicated focus on advancing marine applications.

Legendary Innovation

Since its founding in 1912, YANMAR, the inventor of the modern diesel engine, has continued to lead as a pioneer and award-winning innovator in the progression and advancement of diesel technology, engineering, and emissions reduction. From the development of the world’s first commercially viable small diesel engine in 1933 and the subsequent launch of two marine models before 1950, to the evolution of the advanced range of engines, propulsion solutions and marine systems available today, YANMAR continues to stand out with an enduring, dedicated mission to provide cutting-edge, sustainable solutions for marine applications. A landmark move to form YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL in 2014, after over 100 years of innovation, created a renewed impetus within the company’s recreational marine business unit to focus on providing the next generation of engine solutions and marine systems for powerboats, sailboats, and light duty commercial vessels.

YANMAR Reliability

Through intensive and proven engineering, we proudly manufacture premium and durable engines that last year after year.

YANMAR Reliability

Embedding quality, craftsmanship, and durability into the meticulous development of its products, YMI proudly manufactures premium engines that are built to last for decades and thousands of hours. YANMAR marine engines are trusted by professionals and recreational boat owners to perform at the highest level, exceeding customer expectations to provide valued peace of mind for the people and communities that depend on the certainty and reliability of their boating equipment to optimize their working and recreational lives. Through intensive and proven engineering, YMI’s engines and systems incorporate the latest cutting-edge technology to ensure they continue to run season after season. The reassurance of perpetual parts manufacturing for new and old model engines ensures customers can rely on a YANMAR engine for a lifetime.

Global Support Network

Boat with confidence trusting our network of sales and service centers are available for quick and reliable support in over 130 countries worldwide.

Global Support Network

With a growing worldwide network of sales and service centers in over 130 countries, YMI offers expert support as a trusted partner to all YANMAR marine engine owners. Recreational boaters and commercial operators can experience and enjoy life on the water with confidence that they have instant access to reliable assistance when it is needed most. Building on the innate engineering innovation and experience behind its technology-driven systems, YANMAR’s comprehensive support structure provides continued reassurance for engine owners throughout the subsequent years of an engine purchase, wherever they may travel. YANMAR remains committed to investing in the development and future of its service and support initiatives.

Driven by Sustainability

Inspired by YANMAR’s founding mission to benefit mankind, YMI pledges a reinforced commitment to meet today’s environmental challenges with sustainable propulsion solutions.

Driven by Sustainability

Responding to global efforts to protect our planet and move towards decarbonization, YMI is dedicated to following an Energy Transition Strategy that will help ensure a better world for future generations. YMI is building on a reputation as suppliers of the most fuel efficient, low emission marine engines with renewed focus to develop propulsion products and systems which emit less CO2. By developing and combining technologies in the key areas of low-carbon fuels, electrification, hybridization, energy efficiency and optimalization, YMI will meet evolving needs to reduce environmental impact. YMI is committed to an innovative approach that will deliver advanced, greener solutions for customers and partners, fulfilling the appetite for experience, adventure and onboard comfort in a conscious, sustainable manner.


The new value we aim to create.

Based on the principle “A Sustainable Future,” we have defined four kinds of social abundance which we actively seek to realise.

Vision 01

An energy-saving society.

Greater access to energy. Waste-free, safe and affordable heat, work and power, at any time.

Our solution

By developing highly efficient and affordable engine technologies and systems that can make optimal use of diverse energy sources, we reduce the burden on the environment and make society more agreeable for all.

Vision 02

A society where people can live with peace of mind.

Relief from harsh working conditions. People earn a secure living in safe and fullfiling work and live rewarding lives in harmony with nature.

Our solution

We use automation and autonomy to reduce workload and improve productivity, find technical solutions for making machines and vehicles safer and easier to handle, and support infrastructure and urban planning in order to create better working environments.

Vision 03

A society where people can enjoy safe and plentiful food.

Delicious and nutritious food anytime, anywhere. Healthier living for all.

Our solution

From preparing the soil through planting, harvesting, and beyond, we offer total support for the food value chain all the way to the table. We are determined to create a society where people can continue to enjoy the gift of flavor.

Vision 04

A society that offers an exciting life filled with rich and fulfilling experiences.

Get the most out of work and play. A better quality of life for all.

Our solution

Not only do we pursue ease of use and creativity in our products and services, we support products and activities for educating the next generation and encouraging cultural development. We aim to make both work and play more fulfilling in everyday life.

The pioneering spirit and conserving fuel to serve mankind

Underlying our brand statement and vision is the spirit of our founder. Over a century later, this spirit remains vital, inspiring us to keep evolving and search for new ways to resolve social challenges and enrich peoples’ lifestyles


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