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All YANMAR Marine International engines are delivered with a robust warranty and the largest service network in the marine inboard industry so that you can boat or operate with peace of mind.  All details are described in the YANMAR Limited Warranty Handbook as delivered with the engine.

General Overview

Light Duty Commercial Application Leisure Application 2+3 Year Coverage Sail Boat Engines
Definition Revenue producing, government service, or rental usage Recreational Usage by private owners Recreational Usage by private owners
Duration 12 months or 1000 hrs 24 months 24 + 36 months
Coverage All parts which failed due to a YANMAR Workmanship or material failure All parts which failed due to a YANMAR Workmanship or material failure Some exclusions, check Limited Warranty Handbook for details
YMI Warranty Handbook - EN

2+3 Extended Warranty

YANMAR Marine International B.V. is pleased to offer an extended three-year period of Limited Warranty on certain marine diesel engines. This additional warranty is offered to first-time owners of specific YANMAR marine engine models on condition that they be used for private and recreational purposes only.

The following YANMAR engine models are covered by this warranty program:

  • 1GM10, 2YM15, 3YM20, 3YM30AE, 3JH5E, 4JH5E, 4JH4-TE, 4JH4-HTE, 4JH3-DTE (This applies to the first retail purchasers who bought these engines on or after July 1, 2015.)
  • 3JH40, 4JH45, 4JH57, 4JH80, 4JH110 (This applies to the first retail purchaser regardless of engine serial number and date of manufacture.)

Register Your Engine

By registering your engine in our YANMAR Marine Support Portal, warranty cases can be handled much easier. After registering in the portal, you will be among the first to be notified of any manufacturer’s service issues for your engine model, you can submit an inquiry to ask technical questions, and can even keep track of your engine maintenance. YANMAR recommends that you register your engine within 30 days of delivery.


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Home Service Warranty
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