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5X Best In Class

5X Best In Class

YANMAR common rail marine engines set global standards in performance, efficiency, and endurance. Uncompromising in our engineering, we deliver cutting-edge technology as standard across our whole range. We focus on your comfort and safety, and a low total cost of ownership, while delivering outstanding power and speed.

We are relentless in our efforts to innovate and keep our common rail marine engines as the best in class across five key aspects: clean, interconnective, quiet, powerful, fuel efficient. These are vital to the owners and operators of boats powered by YANMAR.

Clean – Surpassing strict global emission standards for virtually odor and smoke free operation.

Interconnective – Uniquely engineered to integrate with the latest electronic components and multi-function displays for advanced engine monitoring and control.

Quiet – Harnessing cutting-edge technology to create extremely low vibration and noise levels.

Powerful – Offering exceptionally responsive performance and control due to superior torque levels.

Fuel Efficient – Minimizing consumption and optimizing performance with precise, digitally-controlled fuel injection.


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YANMAR’S extensive global service and parts network spans 130 countries and over 2100 locations.

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Home Engines 5X Best In Class
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