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JH-CR Series

JH-CR Series Common Rail Engine

YANMAR Marine 3JH40 marine diesel engine


40 mhp
29.4 kW
3000 rpm

YANMAR Marine 4JH80/110 marine diesel engine


45 mhp
33.1 kW
3000 rpm

YANMAR Marine 4JH80/110 marine diesel engine


57 mhp
41.9 kW
3000 rpm

YANMAR Marine 4JH80/110 marine diesel engine


80 mhp
58.8 kW
3200 rpm

YANMAR Marine 4JH80/110 marine diesel engine


110 mhp
80.9 kW
3200 rpm


  • Genuine YANMAR-based engine featuring a custom-designed common rail system
  • Advanced fuel injection technology for sailboats and smaller motorboats and commercial vessels
  • Sets the global standard in sailboat and small craft propulsion
  • Wide range of power ratings in one model to fit a variety of applications
  • Versatile control options with mechanical control as standard and option to upgrade to electronic controls

Setting the Global Standard

Demonstrating YANMAR’s ‘5x best in class’ features – Clean, Interconnective, Quiet, Powerful, Fuel Efficient – the 4JH-CR series sets the global standard in sailboat and small craft propulsion.

Utilizing the long-established TNV industrial YANMAR block as the durable foundation, the 4JH-CR marine series incorporates an advanced custom-built Bosch common rail fuel injection system, this brings the advantages of common rail technology to sailboats and smaller craft, exclusively from YANMAR for this horsepower range.

With 4 power ratings across one design, the 4JH-CR engine is the perfect solution to fit across a wide variety of boats sizes and applications. And with a similar footprint to previous models and competition alike, it is the ideal choice for repowers.

Jeanneau 51

Bali Catamarans 4.1


  • 4JH-CR available in 4 output models – 45, 57, 80, 110 mhp
  • All 4JH-CR models compatible with YANMAR SD60 saildrive (except the 4JH110)
  • A proven solution for jet and shaft drives
  • Controlled electronically by YANMAR VC10 Vessel Control System, with up to 3 stations (mechanical controls as standard)
  • SOLAS option and USCG lifeboat approved
  • Certified for recreational and light duty commercial applications
  • See all certifications details

YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL is pleased to offer three additional years of Limited Warranty on the 4JH-CR engine models. This additional warranty is offered to first-time owners of 4JH-CR engine models on the condition that the engine is used for private and recreational purposes only.

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Common Rail Technology

YANMAR uses advanced common rail technology to achieve the most efficient engines in their class. Learn more about this technology and Yanmar common rail engines.

5X Best In Class

YANMAR common rail marine engines set global standards in performance, efficiency, and endurance. Learn more about how YANMAR achieves 5x Best in Class.


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Home Engines JH-CR Series
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