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8LV Series Common Rail Engine

YANMAR Marine 8LV370 marine diesel engine


320 mhp
235 kW
3800 rpm

YANMAR Marine 8LV370 marine diesel engine


350 mhp
257 kW
3800 rpm

YANMAR Marine 8LV370 marine diesel engine


370 mhp
272 kW
3800 rpm


  • Twin-turbos deliver high torque for superior acceleration and responsive control
  • Exceptional power range of 550 to 3,800 rpm enables easy maneuvering and high top-end speed
  • Compact design with an outstanding power-to-weight ratio
  • Large-capacity 180 amp alternator provides continuous high-power output
  • V8 common rail design delivers a smooth, quiet, clean and fuel-efficient performance
  • YANMAR ZT370 sterndrive available across the full 8LV series

Compact Power Plant

YANMAR’s 8LV is a compact power plant with an extremely efficient and versatile design. The V8 common rail configuration allows for a balanced and quiet running engine with twin turbos to deliver faster acceleration response.

Featuring a broad speed range from 550 rpm idle to 3800 rpm max speed, the 8LV can be applied to fit many, differing application needs from low speed, easy maneuvering to high speed, responsive cruising. And with a large 180 amp alternator as standard, you can efficiently power added features, and do so easily with direct connectivity to all NMEA devices in this electrically controlled engine.

The best power-to-weight ratio in its class and compact size makes this engine ideal, whether for new builds or repowers alike.

Leopard 43
Leopard 43 PC


  • Available in 3 output models – 320, 350, and 370 mhp
  • All models compatible with YANMAR ZT370 sterndrive
  • A proven solution for jet and shaft drives
  • Controlled electronically by YANMAR VC10 Vessel Control System, with up to 3 stations
  • Available with joystick controls – JC10 for twin sterndrive applications or JC20 for twin shaft-drive applications
  • SOLAS option and USCG lifeboat approved
  • See all certifications details

*Please note, the 8LV370 is not EPA Commercial certified. 

Featured Applications
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Common Rail Technology

YANMAR uses advanced common rail technology to achieve the most efficient engines in their class. Learn more about this technology and Yanmar common rail engines.

5X Best In Class

YANMAR common rail marine engines set global standards in performance, efficiency, and endurance. Learn more about how YANMAR achieves 5x Best-in-Class.


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