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Industry Icon Norberto Ferretti’s YANMAR Marine Powered Motoryacht

Onboard With Industry Icon Norberto Ferretti's Powered by YANMAR 45ft Motoryacht

When an industry icon, shipyard founder, esteemed boat builder, experienced racer, and a man with a passion for the sea like Norberto Ferretti explains why he chose the propulsion package for his own private 45ft motoryacht, the reasons are worth hearing

Norberto Ferretti Tender

Decades of Yacht Building Experience

Now enjoying his retirement years spending idyllic days with friends onboard his tender off the coast of beautiful Formentera, esteemed Ferretti Yachts co-founder Norberto Ferretti has high standards when it comes to the propulsion package for his own yacht.

The Italian legend and renowned boat designer wanted a power solution that enabled him to exceed 35 knots, navigate and accelerate with ease, and one that offered responsive joystick control for maneuvering when mooring alongside at his home base in Spain’s Balearic islands.

Based on decades of yacht building at the iconic Italian company during which he built more than 700 YANMAR-powered boats, Mr Ferretti had all the evidence he needed to make his decision.

I wanted to exceed 35 knots yet there weren’t many engines of that power or of that weight, and the YANMAR 8LV is very light and has incredible boost.

Joystick Controlled

Selecting a triple-YANMAR 8LV370 package, complete with Yanmar ZT sterndrives, controlled by the YANMAR VCS (Vessel Control System) and JC10 joystick control for installation by YANMAR distributor Cartello S.r.l., Mr Ferretti’s expectations have been exceeded, enabling him to optimize worry-free time on the sea – an element he describes as vital to his life.

His latest and highly personal onboard experiences with the lightweight and efficient triple-engine package have strengthened his loyalty and long-held confidence in YANMAR engines’ reliability and performance. Such is his conviction, he now intends to repower another personal yacht, a vintage Bertram 28, with a YANMAR 4LV propulsion package.

With outstanding responsiveness, acceleration and reliability, its simplicity of use and smooth performance, Mr Ferretti can relax in the knowledge that YANMAR technology and service will not let him down.

Gages and Panels

I lightly and briefly turn the JC10 Joystick and the stern or bow goes towards the quay. It is truly and extremely easy.

The Boat Show

For expanded technical insights into the YANMAR propulsion package and more exclusive footage, watch the full interview with The Boat Show’s Maurizio Bulleri.

Explore The Solution Package

YANMAR Marine 8LV370 marine diesel engine


YANMAR’s 8LV is a compact power plant with an extremely efficient and versatile design. The V8 common rail configuration allows for a balanced and quiet running engine with twin turbos to deliver a faster acceleration response.

JC10/20 Joystick


JC10 is YANMAR’s joystick control system for twin sterndrive applications. The JC10 is an in-house developed control system for YANMAR 8LV and 4LV engine models in twin installation configuration in combination with YANMAR ZT370 sterndrives and VCS controls.

YANMAR Marine ZT370 stern drive


The ZT370 is a YANMAR developed sterndrive with hydraulic shifting to deliver responsive and smooth shifting. The ZT370 is compatible with the YANMAR 4LV and 8LV Series engines and can be controlled with the YANMAR VC10 system or via joystick with our JC10 joystick control system in twin applications.


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