Control System

JC10 is YANMAR’s joystick control system for twin sterndrive applications. The JC10 is an in-house developed control system for YANMAR 8LV and 4LV engine models in twin installation configuration in combination with YANMAR ZT370 sterndrives and VCS controls. It is easily installed in new boats and is also quickly retrofitted to existing YANMAR 8LV and 4LV sterndrive installations.

JC10 main features:

  • Boost mode and separate Docking mode for optimal response
  • Quick, smooth, and shock-free shifting
  • Electronic progressive steering
  • Sideways and Diagonal movement
  • 360° rotation
  • Optional second and third station kits
  • Optional remote station installation

More Information

The YANMAR JC10 Sterndrive Joystick Control System offers superior maneuvering and docking by combining easy and intuitive joystick control with the Yanmar ZT370 sterndrive. Due to the high shifting frequency required during joystick operation, the Yanmar JC10 system is significantly smoother than mechanically shifted sterndrives due to the ZT370 hydraulic clutch. Parallel docking and docking in tight spaces is smooth, responsive, and easy. Perform diagonal movements or even 360° turns, where the boat can easily rotate on its own axis. The progressive Electronic Steering system provides ultra-comfortable steering and replaces the need for conventional hydraulic steering systems for non-joystick operated boats. The YANMAR JC10 also comes with an optional autopilot connection, with major navigation manufacturers supported, including Garmin, Raymarine, and Simrad. For boats where the Joystick may be installed away from the main helm station, for example, the aft-deck to enable easier docking, an extension cable and safety emergency stop-switch for remote location installation are available.

Featured Applications

Industry Icon Norberto Ferretti's YANMAR Powered 45ft Motoryacht

When an industry icon, shipyard founder, esteemed boat builder, experienced racer, and a man with a passion for the sea like Norberto Ferretti explains why he chose the propulsion package for his own private 45ft motoryacht, the reasons are worth hearing.

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