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Clutch type
Hydraulic multiple friction plate type clutch
Rated Output
315 mhp / 232 kW
Reduction ratio (fwd / rev)
1.65 / 1.65 | 1.78 / 1.78 | 1.97 / 1.97
Dry weight
112 kg (247 lbs)
Direction of rotation
I/P Counterclockwise, O/P Counterclockwise (front prop) & Clockwise (rear prop)
Trim zone
-6 to 10

More Information

The ZT370 is a YANMAR developed sterndrive with hydraulic shifting to deliver responsive and smooth shifting. The ZT370 is compatible with the YANMAR 4LV and 8LV Series engines and can be controlled with the YANMAR VC10 system or via joystick with our JC10 joystick control system in twin applications.

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