Partners & Affiliates

Partners & Affiliates


United to supply customers worldwide

Combining to create one reliable and wide-ranging source of marine equipment, the YANMAR-VETUS partnership matches two perfectly compatible brands for the benefit of customers across the world. Total systems specialist VETUS joins the YANMAR Group in a collaboration that merges more than 100 years of YANMAR engine expertise and experience with a comprehensive and versatile VETUS portfolio of engine-related accessories and boat system components developed over 50 years. Capitalising on a range of business synergies and uniting each company’s established global footprints and networks, a trusted one-stop shop in complete system integration is established that is uniquely equipped and relevant to thrive in the years ahead. YANMAR and VETUS continue on parallel paths of co-development, working alongside each other across the world to provide advanced solutions for boat owners, enabling customers to optimise their time onboard and enjoy a carefree experience on the water with an engine system package they can trust to last and perform at all times.

Offering complete boat systems around a YANMAR engine, VETUS’s innovative power solutions and technical equipment for recreational and small commercial vessels include a range of engine accessories such as exhaust systems and oil filters, as well as bow thrusters, control panels, generators and more. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of products, connections and components cover over 14 systems, from the engine room to the fly bridge, and are all designed for simple and easy installation, use and service.

Flexofold Prop and Logo

Acquisition enables integrated solutions

Designed to deliver integrated solutions for the sailboat and multihull sectors with utmost efficiency, the partnership between specialist propeller expert Flexofold and YANMAR unites two highly aligned companies. Adding the market-leading, superior low-drag folding propeller to the range of YANMAR’s complete propulsion solutions affirms YANMAR’s dedication to the highest quality. The two businesses work together with a cost-effective approach that unites a shared passion for sailing and innovation, providing an exceptional engine transmission and propeller system for sailboat builders, distributors and owners across the world. Flexofold continues to operate independently, maintaining its distinct brand identity with a focus on developing the next generation of solutions for the design of propellers in the global premium sailboat market.

Founded in 1992 by entrepreneur and hydrodynamics expert Jack Skrydstrup, Flexofold is a global leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of highly efficient folding propellers. The sailboat propellers, which are sold directly to boat builders as well as private boat owners worldwide, are built in the company’s Denmark factory, equipped with modern CNC equipment and robot technology. Noted for achieving high performance and low drag, the advanced propeller product line continues to expand with the introduction of new models.

Investing at the heart of the marine industry

YANMAR’s partnership with boat rental and water experience marketplace GetMyBoat creates a dynamic, global alliance, with a joint commitment to generate participation in boating and unified in maintaining the health of the entire recreational marine industry. With YANMAR’s strategic investment and support, both companies are well positioned to realize a mutual vision to encourage more people across the world to safely experience the thrill and pleasure of activities on the water. As marine ambassadors, with global presence, outstanding heritage and a tradition of innovation, YANMAR is dedicated to sharing its technical expertise and stimulating interest in boating by working with an evolving list of partners and associations in the competitive and recreational sectors. A pledge to learn from the innovations and success of GetMyBoat and stimulate the business’s expansion is at the heart of YANMAR’s innate responsibility to the industry and its interest in the charter and boat rental markets, as it seeks to improve ways of welcoming new entrants to marine environment.

Established in 2013 in San Francisco, GetMyBoat has grown to become the world’s largest online boat rental and water experience marketplace, featuring an impressive 130,000+ listings in 184 countries and covering over 9,300 destinations globally. This innovative peer-to-peer boat rental approach brings the world of boating to everyone, whether they are an accomplished captain or completely new to boating. GetMyBoat empowers owners of every type of boat, from kayaks to sailboats to motorboats, to reach thousands of potential customers.

Smart Gyro

New comfort for customers

Through a strategic partnership that provides entry to the growing gyro stabilizer market, YANMAR is positioned to offer a new level of comfort and enhanced experience for power boat owners. SmartGyro’s deep understanding of boat stabilization, specialized engineering expertise and compelling gyroscopic stabilization products are uniquely complementary to YANMAR’s marine systems, equipment and knowledge. The result is the availability of a full line-up of highly advanced gyro stabilizers that virtually eliminate boat roll, designed and developed with YANMAR’s backing and offered through its global network for recreational and commercial marine applications. In harmony with YANMAR’s vision to enhance boater enjoyment, comfort and safety with technologically advanced marine systems, the close collaboration allows SmartGyro to operate in Italy, as a stand-alone entity. This fresh dimension to the YANMAR range aligns with the company’s wider strategy to continue expanding its offering with chosen partners and investments.

Founded in 2014, Smartgyro is a gyro stabilization technology company based in La Spezia, Italy, driven by a mission to bring boat stabilization for vessels from 30ft to 80ft. The company designed and developed a full range of state-of-the-art gyro stabilizers for recreational and commercial marine vessels, suitable for new boats and refit installations.

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